Chapter 6

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Finn's Pov

I was the first one up in the morning, I woke up to the sun streaming through the trees and birds chirping. "It's a nice day." I say to myself.
I roll up my sleeping bag and put it in my pack again.
Then I wake up Jake.
I shake him "Jake!" I whisper yell, trying not to wake (y/n) "Jake wake up, I'm hungry." He groans.
I sigh and tickle him and he starts laughing then slaps my hand out of the way "Fine I'm up." He says, getting up "Yesssss" I say to myself. "Can you make food?" I ask him
"Alright, I'll make eggs." Jake said and grabbed his frying pan. "Okay!" I said happily and laid my head on my pack. I grabbed the map and looked at where we were going. It was some cave not too far away from where we set up camp. It looked really cool.
Jake said that the eggs were ready and I got up and took some of them "Thanks Jake!" I said with a mouthful of the egg. "Can you wake up (y/n)?" Jake asked. I looked at (y/n), she was sleeping comfortably.
I went over to her and shook her shoulder. She woke up slowly and smiled at me "Morning." She said happily "I see you guys made up." Jake snickered "I guess you could say that." (Y/n) said, smirking.
I blushed and looked down. Jake chuckled and gave (y/n) some food and she thanked him before she dug in, finishing them pretty fast.
"Well lets pack up." (Y/n) said, dusting off her hands and rolling up her sleeping bag. I helped Jake with his things. Once we had everything packed we headed off.

(Y/n)'s Pov

We made it to our second campsite of the trip, tomorrow we would be able to make it there. We camped out in this really pretty part of the woods. We were at the boarder of the forest so I went to a hill with Finn to watch the sunset together. When we got there we sat in the fluffy grass, I leaned on his shoulder with our hands interlocked. We sat there for a second, taking everything in.
Then I took my head off of his shoulder and kissed his cheek looking up at him "Never thought we would end up in a relationship." I said, chuckling "I'm glad we did though." He said, softly grabbing my face and passionately kissing me, I obviously kissed back. We sat like this for a bit, it was comfortable.
"So this is what was going on behind my back?" Jake chuckled. Me and Finn let go of each other and looked at Jake a bit surprised "uh ah Uhhh." Me and Finn both stuttered, now awkwardly sitting away from each other "Huhu." Jake chuckled "no need to be embarrassed love birds." Jake adds walking away, leaving us in an awkward silence.
Finn chuckles and scratches the back of his head "Guess we should go back." He says, getting up.
I grab his hand and he looks back at me "Wanna just stay a bit longer? I want to know more about you." I say, slightly embarrassed. "Alright."
He agrees and sits down next to me again. "So, I'm really curious, how did you and Jake meet?" I ask once we're both settled back on the ground. "Well, I never really knew my parents, Jake's family raised me, we're brothers." He explained, smiling. "We are always there for eachother, brothers until the end. But my storie's kinda simple, how bout yours?" He asked. "Umm well I guess you kinda already know it, my village burnt down and I was able to survive by running away, into the forest and never turning back. After that people just treated me like a deadbeat, so I kinda became one. I've been a criminal ever since." I looked at Finn with a sad smile. "Heh, sorry for bringing the mood down." I chuckled while looking down at my lap. Finn suddenly wrapped his arms around me, I turned so I could hug him better "Let's promise to always be there for eachother." He said "Promise. I mean unless I find a really attractive guy." I smiled. Finn looked at me with a sad expression. I lightly punched him in the arm after letting go of the hug. "I'm kidding you goof." I laughed before laying my head back on Finn's shoulder "You're like the only guy in ooo anyway, it's only princesses here." I looked up at him. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder "I would rather take you than any princess in ooo" he said confidently. I chuckled "Are you sure? Princess bubblegum is pretty cute." I smile. "Hey." Finn looks at me and kisses my cheek "I'm positive." We smiled at eachother before I pushed him over and started running back to the camp "Race me back to camp!" I yelled laughing. I look back to see Finn laughing too. We get back to camp out of breath and right on time to eat the food Jake made for everyone. Tomorrow we'll make it to our destination.

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