Chapter 4

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*4 weeks later*

(Y/n)'s pov

My leg healed enough so we were going to head to the castle for the princesses project. I woke up on my make shift cot I was sleeping on, face to face with Finn "Wanna go to the castle (Y/n)?" I stretched and yawned "Sure let me get dressed first." He smiled and went down the ladder "I'll get Jake." I nod and get up, stretching again. I have bought one more outfit with help from the princess, she's pretty nice. Anyways I have just been switching between the outfits and washing the other when I get the chance. I got up and changed into my new outfit it's a dark green tunic with black leggings and combat boots. I go down the ladder and see Jake and Finn standing by the front door ready to leave "Hey guys I'm ready." "Alright lets go!" I grabbed my sword and put it in the strap of my satchel before Jake grabbed me and Finn and stretched to the candy kingdom. Jake reached the entrance "Jake stop here!" He shrunk back to his normal size "why?" "I want to run its been a while since I could do that." I said cheerfully running away "Betcha can't beat me!" I yell. I heard Finns voice behind me "Bet we can!" They yell back. I laugh and run full speed jumping over candy people and ducking under signs. I look behind me and see them gaining on me 'dang it' I look ahead of me and I can see the castle I almost reach it but I can feel my legs giving out under me I slow down and with the last bit of strength I have I dive for the castle door. I touch it just as I see Finn and Jake catch up with me. I collapse outside the castle doors with Finn and Jake, all of us heaving and gasping for air. We all smile and laugh at each others sweaty faces. I stand up and cough from the dirt flying around and knock on the big castle doors before Finn just opens the door and pulls me in along with Jake. We walk up to the princesses lab and we all walk in "hey Finn.. Oh my goodness what happened to you guys?!" We both chuckled and looked at each other. I answered her question "We had a race and I won!" Jake and Finn looked at me "No way we won!" "Pfft whatever." The princess just chuckled at us "So why are you guys here anyways?" Finn enters the room more and I follow behind him "For your project PB, (Y/n)'s leg finally healed up." I just responded by smiling at her. "Oh yeah right, so (Y/n) do you want the babies to be placed inside you or no?" I could feel my face go red along with Finns "um no thank you, I feel like 15 is too young to give birth." Finn nods at what I said. "Well alright then we can take care of them here I already have chambers suitable for growth, we just need DNA from both of you." She came over to me and plucked a hair from my head, I rubbed that spot. She then went over to Finn and took off his hat revealing short blond hair. I have never actually seen his hair before. She plucked out one of his hairs too. She put both pieces of hair into a Petri dish and turned back to us smiling "That's all you need?" I ask still rubbing my head "Yup, you guys can go now, I have everything I need." "Well that was fast." I said looking at Finn "yeah, NOW LETS GO ON AN ADVENTURE!" He screamed and I yelled along with him, both of us running out the door. PB giggled. We ran out the from doors still screaming. "Hey (Y/n) wanna race again?!" "Yeah!" I say and get into a ready stance, Finn did the same "Ready..Set..GO!" Jake said and we took off, both of us on foot this time. Jake stretched to the finish. I was still doing all of my tricks ducking and jumping. Finn was behind me but catching up. About halfway there I started getting tired and started to fall back a bit letting Finn pass me. I was about to run faster again but I started to feel dizzy and light headed. Everything swirled together and was fuzzy. I felt myself trip over something and tumble into the dirt. When my body stopped moving everything went black.

Finns Pov

Ha I passed her there's no way she'll catch up with me now. I got to the finish where Jake was "Woo haha I won!" I said, jumping around. I looked at Jake but he seemed more concerned with something behind me. I turned around and saw (Y/n) laying in the dirt. I quickly ran back to her and shook her. "(Y/n)! Wake up what's wrong." She was still breathing, she must have just passed out. "Lets take her back to the tree house first." "Good idea." Jake said. I picked her up and we walked home. I blushed as she sort of snuggled close to me. Jake nudged me "hehe you like her don't you." "No! She just looks peaceful when she's asleep." "Well she's actually unconscious." "Same thing." We get back to the tree house and I put her on my bed "I'm going to go have a shower, tell me if she wakes up." "Alright" Jake says and I walk to the bathroom.

(Y/n)'s Pov

I start to open my eyes and I see the light streaming through the window. I get up and put a hand on my head. I still feel a bit dizzy but I get up anyway and go down the ladder. I see Jake frying something up and I walk over to him "Hey Jake, what happened?" "Oh hey (Y/n) , you passed out when you and Finn were racing back." "Oh yeah I remember now." "I'll go get Finn and tell him you're awake." Jake says walking away from the stove "No wait." I say grabbing his arm "what?" He looks back at me confused "Well I was meaning to ask you, when PB said that we could 'repopulate' why wasn't Finn freaked out?" Jake scratched his head nervously and chuckled "Well we haven't actually had 'The talk' yet." I started to laugh "Really?" I continued to laugh "Jake, you gotta tell him." "Well I have been meaning to, I just haven't gotten around to it yet." Jake said crossing his arms "Do it now then." "What? No it'll wreck his brain." "No it's common knowledge of a teenager, you have to tell him, or I will." "No don't! I'll do it I swear." "Okay good." Then Finn comes into the room "(Y/n) you're awake!" He rushed over to me, he felt my forehead. I put his hand down "I'm okay Finn, thanks for taking care of me." He blushed a bit "no problem." He said "Also, Jake has something to tell you!" I say loudly "What is it Jake." Jake looks at me "What! Now?" I nod "Don't worry, he has to know." "Know what? Guys come on." Finn whined. Jake crossed his arms "Fine." He said and took Finn around the corner. I sat down on their couch and waited for the reaction. I waited for about five minutes then I heard a "WHAT?!" Then Finn rushed into the room I was in. I started laughing to the point I was crying "You knew about that?" "Yeah for a long time." I say wiping a tear out of my eye. He sat next to me on the couch, he slouched down "oh my glob, my whole world has changed." "I just can't believe you didn't know that before." I said, still chuckling a bit. He sits up and leans back. I lay on his lap "That's hilarious" I can see him blushing a bit, I quickly realize what position I was in and got up "oh sorry." He looked at me "oh no it's uh okay." "You sure?" "Yeah." "Okay" I lay back on his lap. "I'm tired, do you want to go on the adventure tomorrow?" "Sure." He replied.

Finns Pov

I can feel (Y/n) breathing up and down on my lap. I was trying not to blush. Jake walked in front of the couch and chuckled at us before going to the kitchen. I scowled at him. I looked down at (Y/n) and she's fast asleep "Jake she's already asleep." "Strange she just woke up, well go put her to bed." "Alright I'll be down to eat." "Okay, have fun up there hehe" "shut up" I pick her up again and place her on her cot and cover her up. She snorted a bit as she rolled over. I laughed. I went back down the ladder to where Jake was making food. "Hey Jake, when's food gonna be done?" "5 minutes" "Alright" I went to go play games on BMO while I wait. "It's ready Finn." I turn BMOs game off and sit down at the table. Jake puts a plate of spaghetti in front of me and I dug into it. I finished "Thanks Jake!" I said swallowing my last bite. "I'm going to go check on (Y/n)" I say while I head over to the ladder. I hear Jake laugh a bit before I go up "Why Jake?" "You like her hehehe" "Do Not" "You totally do bro" "No I don't" I say climbing back down the ladder and crossing my arms "Suuuuure" "I don't!" "Suuuure you don't, I think you do" "Well what if I do like her!, she'll never like me, so what does it matter!" "Oh so you do like her" "yeah .... But I don't want her to find out." I finish the conversation.

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