Chapter 1

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Finns Pov

I woke up to the smell of jake making bacon. That's how I always want to wake up. I jump out of bed and go to the kitchen "Yaaaa Jake! BAAACON!!!" Jake looks back and smiles "It'll be done in a bit, have a seat, there's toast on the table." I jump into my seat and pick up a piece of toast, impatiently tapping the table waiting for bacon. Bmo is sitting next to me. Jake comes to the table with bacon in a pan, me and bmo both put our arms in the air "Wooooo!" Jake started giving us the bacon while singing "some bacon for me, some for you, and some for Bmo!" I happily dug in before running upstairs and getting dressed, getting Jake to come with me to start adventuring and stop crimes!

(Y/n)'s Pov

I groan as I slowly wake up from my temporary bed in an alleyway, I sit up and stretch, digging through my bag and pulling out a long cloak with a big hood to cover my face before exiting, quickly going through the shadows of town. I was headed to the candy kingdom to steal some money and food for obvious survival purposes. I shimmied across the outside of the candy kingdom wall before bending down to tighten my converse then quickly scaling the wall and booking it to the candy kingdom safe. I picked up some awesome ninja skills along the way so sneaking was pretty easy. I got some food from the kitchen already in my bag so I was now on my way to the safe, I was almost there, in fact I could see it but then I must of accidentally tripped a boobytrap or something because I heard a really loud alarm go off then I heard the banana guards....crap. I pulled my hood further over my head and ran in search for the closest exit.

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