A New Best Friend

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That calm afternoon, a few minutes before sunset, he was walking down the alley leading to his house with his best friend by his side. His new best friend.

As the last rays of the sun were shining their brightest, he placed his hand on his forehead, sheltering his eyes. He was tired after the long walk they have had. The heavy breathing beside him made him realize that his best friend must also be as exhausted as he was.

"Let's just stop here for a minute to watch sunset!" he exclaimed as they were nearing a vast garden of wild flowers which stretched further than the eyes could see.

He sat down beside his friend on an old wooden bench facing the horizon, waiting for the sun to set and that would probably be within a few seconds.

He turned to his right to glance at his friend who had been silent for quite long. As he looked at her, he saw her staring blankly at the horizon. Her dark almond-shaped eyes, her long wavy hair, her slightly tanned skin, all reminded him of someone. His best friend. More precisely, his past best friend.

The striking resemblance made his heart shiver. Will you also just leave me as she did? He thought to himself.

The two new besties lay idle a few more minutes after the sun dived into the horizon and disappeared. They remained seated, plunged in complete silence except for the occasional chirping of birds.

With silence came memories. Although he tried to chase them away, memories of his past best friend were still lingering in his mind.

He had not yet accepted that she left him. She left when he most needed her. She left and went away to a place from which nobody ever returns. And that was barely one month ago.

He cried each single day after she disappeared. He spent sleepless nights. He refused to eat. He was shattered to pieces. He felt betrayed.

Betrayed because she never let him have the least hint that she was suffering deep inside. That she was about to die.

He felt like life has stopped.

He was like a soul sinking down the ocean, unable to breathe, but then, a hand stretched towards him to pull him up, to save him from drowning into that ocean of heartbreaking emotions.

A hand he recognized.
A hand whose touch was so familiar.
A hand which held him before.
The same hand that always helped him stand up each time he fell down.

That hand belonged to his new best friend.

It was his mother's hand.

In his mother, he found a new best friend.

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