Author's Note: Website & Updates

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Hey guys! This annoying Author's Note is literally to let you know that I don't have to do annoying Author's Notes anymore!

As of two seconds ago, I have launched my new website to keep you guys updated on all the going-ons with Dear Sydney, Love, Aria, and all that jazz! The link will be below and if you can't click it then it'll be in my bio too, but I'm super pumped for this!

On the website, there's a page called "Dear Sydney". On this page, I will be posting updates about what's happening with the publishing of it, since you guys have said you're interested in that and that makes me so thankful! I have created a new format for the social media posts that's less MySpace-era-ish, I'm working on the cover, on editing it and adding more chapters and more depth, and I'm going to be sharing all that with you guys through this website! You guys can comment on it, and I invite you to do so, so that I can still interact with you guys and know what you're thinking! 

On the website, I will also be posting sneak peeks at brand-new chapters and all new stuff in Dear Sydney, which you'll only be able to see on the site! I won't have a set schedule for it, but I will make sure to update often! Head on over there now to check it out, read the first blog post, and let me know what you think! Feel free to comment below or on the blog/website with all your thoughts and suggestions, because I love to hear them! And get pumped for a new chapter of Love, Aria tomorrow!

Thanks for reading this guys, and I'm hoping that the next annoying Author's Note (and the last) will be the announcement of the publishing date! Ahh!


Link to the Site: (It's also on the external link to the chapter!)

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