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Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Sydney,

     You live in California? That is so freaking cool. Virginia's really boring and I wish I lived somewhere like Cali. Thanks for indulging in my weird list, I do appreciate it and would like to say that you sound pretty cool. What kind of dance do you like? I always get dragged to my little sister's dance recitals, but the tap dancers seem really cool. No offense if you're not one.

     You don't like your school? In Virginia everyone has so much school spirit that they would never dare say something bad about their own school. Of course, we'll trash all the other schools in the county to no end, but not our own. Although your description was pretty great.

     Do you want to go to Australia someday? Like visit your namesake? Unless you weren't actually named for Australia, in which case I would feel really dumb. But I'm used to feeling dumb, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Just let me know how stupid I should feel and I will feel as you suggest.

     I absolutely love mozzarella sticks. How could you not? My mom's pretty stingy on letting us buy lunch from school because she's a major health nut, but I always buy the mozzarella sticks under the table (I hand the lunch lady two bucks and she doesn't put it on my lunch account). I'm sure you're incredible at the violin, since I tried out for the state orchestra this year and didn't make it. There's always next year, but congrats on getting in as a junior. You must be super talented. There's a girl in my orchestra here in Virginia that thinks she's all that, but she didn't make states either so I don't think we should take anything she says seriously.

     What's your family like? I have a little sister who's 14 and a freshman at my school, which is a living nightmare for me—she thinks I constantly want to talk to her when I really don't. It's not that she isn't fun to talk to, but her friends all give me weird looks and it creeps me out. I also have an older brother who graduated last year, and he's going to the University of Utah, which is pretty cool. He plays basketball for them and got a scholarship, which is more than I will be able to say. Not looking for any scholarships right now, especially not athletic ones. Are you looking for scholarships? I'm sure you could get a music scholarship if you wanted to.

     The bell's about to ring for my next class, so I'm gonna close this letter out. Thanks again for not thinking too poorly of me after my train wreck of a first letter. Hopefully they'll just keep getting better.

Yours Truly,

Connor Hall

A/N: hey guys!! thank you all so much for your INSANE support of my story!! I wasn't sure how it would go because of the different way it's written from my other books, but you've all been so wonderful! it's even gotten to 200 reads in 2 days! as the story progresses and you are introduced to new characters, there will be more and more social media posts per chapter (I'm writing chapter 12 right now and there's around 9 social media posts/texts!) so I hope you don't get annoyed with them! I will also be getting around to everyone's PMs today, thank you guys so much! I love seeing your guys's comments on the chapters and I'm so grateful! sorry for the super long/rambling note 😂


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