"Who was that?" Sydney asked as we slowly pushed her car towards her neighbor's yard

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"Who was that?" Sydney asked as we slowly pushed her car towards her neighbor's yard. "Please tell me Kevin didn't get your phone number."

"What? No. Nothing like that. It was Aria. Don't worry, she isn't going to rat us out." I was trying my hardest to appear to be a macho guy after Kevin had knocked me out with one punch, but Sydney was probably doing most of the pushing on this car. "Did you delete your tweet?"

"Yes." Sydney rolled her eyes. "I just wanted to be clever!"

"You being clever could have gotten us caught! And you didn't even use the right expression. It's 'revenge is a dish best served cold.'"

"I know that! But the revenge we're serving isn't cold, so I changed it to messy. Toilet paper is messy, Connor."

I laughed.

"Alright, Syd. As long as it's gone now."

"It is." She grunted. "Alright, do you think this is far enough?"

I judged our location and looked back at Sydney's house quickly. The goal in moving the car to the neighbor's house was that no one in the Porter home would realize that it was Sydney's car starting; if they heard anything, they would automatically assume it was coming from next door. Getting caught was really not an option in this revenge plot, since they were already on thin ice with everyone around them as it was.

"Yeah, this should work. Ready?"

Sydney grinned slyly.


We jumped into the car and Sydney turned it on before putting it out of neutral and into drive. "Let's go!"

We raced off into the night, around the same bends and turns that we had taken on her first time touring me around Sacramento. We played music and sang and danced along, excited about the prospect of our revenge trip and feeling the exhilaration that came with possibly breaking the law in a very small way.

"We have arrived at our first stop, the Longs!" Sydney stage-whispered as we pulled up in front of a house I didn't recognize. "Just kidding. It's actually the Long's next door neighbor, the Hamile's!"

"Wait, your best friend lives next door to your ex-boyfriend?"

Sydney nodded.

"Now that I know he was cheating, I should have asked her to keep tabs on him for me."

"Won't Jen recognize your car if she looks out her window or something?"

Sydney shook her head. "It's Spring Break, she's probably out at the beach or something. Her car isn't in the driveway, so I'm not worried. Let's go!"

We each grabbed a roll of toilet paper from the backseat and tore out of the car, racing towards Kevin's house. I arrived first and immediately chucked my roll of toilet paper at the front door, hearing it hit and bounce off with a loud thud.

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