In case you guys didn't see my incredibly ill-written and over-the-top excited post on my message board yesterday...Dear Sydney won a Watty!! We won a Watty in the Visual Storytelling category!! I am so amazed that out of the 140,000 people who entered the Wattys overall, my tiny little book was one of the 100 to win! (10 categories, 10 winners per guys get it) I cannot thank you guys enough for allowing me to get this far on Wattpad, I can't believe how much this website means to me and how much it's influenced my life! Thank you guys x100, and I did listen to your thoughts on the cover and I switched it back to the old one, with a Watty's sticker on it which is crazy because I never thought my book would be one that had that coveted sticker on the cover! 

I know this is a short Author's Note, but I thought that this was definitely a big enough deal for me to post about it!! Thank you guys so much!

And we're also close to 600,000 reads! I have no idea how winning a Watty impacts reads or whatever, so if any of you know then let me know because I am totally new at this!

ALSO, after a few months of being totally dead, the characters' Twitters are now active again! Since there are many different timelines in Dear Sydney and now in Love, Aria, here is where the characters are at when they're tweeting:

-Connor & Sydney are dating. Yay! SO I can stop pretending Connor doesn't know what a ship is. They're dating and their tweets will be along the timeline of their senior year.

-Delaney & Kevin are not dating, but Kevin does not yet have his three side hoes and Delaney is not nice yet. So you can continue to insult both of them.

-Ashley is still bonkers. Nothing has changed with her.

IF YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING THE CHARACTERS ON TWITTER, what are you doing?? Hit them up!

Sydney Porter: @aSYDity_

Connor Hall: @haiiconnor (the "i"s are uppercase so they look like "L"s)

Delaney Cross: @tac0DEL (the "0" is a zero)

Kevin Long: @yab0iKEV (the "0" is also a zero)

Ashley Yates: @opentheYATES

Dear Sydney Updates: @DearSydneyWP (keep updated on what's going on with the book!)

I realized that over 300 people were following Connor and Sydney the other day and I realized that I really need to not leave over 300 people hanging and following dead accounts, so here you go!! Go shoot them a tweet and they'll definitely respond!

All in all, thank you guys so much for helping me to achieve this goal of winning a Watty! This is an incredible honor and I absolutely could not have done it without you guys! Thank you thank you thank you!



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