Hey guys! So as some of you may have seen, about three weeks ago Dear Sydney was selected for the Wattpad Featured List in Teen Fiction, which is insane and has made it go from 61,000 reads to 261,000 reads in just a few weeks! I love you all, my old readers and my new ones, and love seeing what you have to say!

So, because of this, I have some questions about what you guys want to see in the published version of Dear Sydney! (which I have projected to be done editing & re-creating social media within the next four-six months) So please leave an inline comment on the questions below, I would really appreciate as much feedback as possible to make the book as great as it can be!

1. What was one thing you did NOT like about Dear Sydney? Be specific! (BE COMPLETELY HONEST, I don't have feelings so you won't offend me)

2. What was your FAVORITE thing about Dear Sydney? Be specific!

3. Would you HONESTLY be interested in buying a printed copy of Dear Sydney, which would include bonus chapters, different perspectives, etc.?

4. What bonus things would you like to see in the printed version? I have planned to have an "Address Book" (Keeping with the theme of the story) to show the different characters and their social media and relationship to the main characters as one of the things, and maybe some bonus chapters/different POVs from minor characters. What else would you like to see, and do you like those ideas?

5. Is there any social media you would like to see added to the printed version?

6. Do you want the nine epilogues to stay in the printed version? 

7. Do you want any of them to turn into mini bonus chapters (such as Jen and Riley and their boyfriends)?

Since Dear Sydney was supported so much by my readers, I want to make sure that you guys get a say in the printed version as well! So please let me know your answers to the questions!

ALSO, the first chapter of Love, Aria is UP!!! Check it out and tell me what you think of the spin-off! I've included the trailer for it in this chapter so that you can get a little glimpse of it and I hope it convinces you to read the book!

**Also, sorry if this was an annoying note, I just want to get some feedback from you guys!**

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