Part 4

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Knock knock knock

   "Who is it~" i went to my door and opened it. Sooyeon was standing in front of me, her gummy smile was shown proudly on her face. She wore thin make-up and i knew why. Yep, Sooyeon's gonna have a sleepover in my apartment.

  "Taenggu-ah!!" She shrieked and took me into a hug. A very tight hug i can feel my lungs squashed.

  "S-Sooyeon... T-too tight!" I tried to speak. Sooyeon finally let go, "Sorry." She grinned and dragged her small suitcase to the living room. She also has some plastic bags in her hands,  "Okay, i'm gonna change to my PJs before we watch this movie i've just bought here! How's that sounds?"

  "Hmm, sounds great! I'll make the popcorns."


  After Sooyeon took a bath and the popcorn's ready. We make ourselves comfortable at the living room while watching the movie. I was lying on the couch, while Sooyeon sat on the floor, resting her back against the couch. We focus on the movie as we keep munching popcorns.

   "So, what have you been doing for this week?" Asked Sooyeon out of the blue.

  I took a handful of popcorn and shove them to my mouth, "Meh, nothing interesting, actually."

  "Oh, yeah. How's the meeting? Have you find a place to hold it?"

   I spent a few seconds to think, and i finally remembered, "Yeah. At the 'Secret Palace Café'."

  "Hmm... never heard of that before. Where is it?"

  "I just discovered it yesterday. The place was opened six months ago, so it's still counted as new. It hasn't get many customers so it's perfect to be rented." I explained. 

  Sooyeon's mouth formed an 'O' as she nodded. "I see. Sounds interesting, though. Is the foods and beverages there good?"

  "Uh-huh. The menus were named uniquely so it attracts the customers. Not to mention the taste awesome and the service is fine too. The decorations are attractive, there's live music as well and the atmosphere there was comforting. For a new cafe, not bad at all." I gave a few more details.

  "Woah.. we should go there sometimes."


  We continue watching the movie. Actually, there is one little part i didn't mention about the cafe.

  "But they won't let us rent the whole place, sir. Hhh, yes, even with the offer. The place is crowded all the time." I sighed, "I'll try to find another one." I hung up the call.

   Baekhyun looked away from the window and faced Taeyeon, "Is everything okay, Taeyeon-ssi?"

  "Not really." I put my phone to my purse, "The CEO wants to hold a meeting in a restaurant or a cafe. So my boss send me to find one. But I checked upteenth places but none of them willing to let us rent the whole place. Even with the corporation offer the CEO promised them."

  "Hmm... i see." Baekhyun pressed his lips into a straight line, "How many people are gonna attend the meeting?"

  "Uhm.. about twenty two."

  "And what is the offer, if i may ask?"

  "After the meeting, we'll use the restaurant or the cafe for JYC insurance commercial."

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