Part 2

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   "Taeyeon-ssi, do i have schedule this afternoon?" My boss, Mr. Sangwook, came to my desk in all sudden. His loud and heavy voice made me almost got choked by my coffee. I immediately check my computer, "Uh.. you have two meetings, one in Gangnam XX Hotel and another in JYC Building, Dongdaemun. After that.. nothing else specific, sir."

  The elder man huffed while scratching his head, "Alright. Ah, Taeyeon-ssi, is it okay if you go home a little late? I have some charts documents here and i want you to make a summary of it. I'll need it for my presentation tomorrow." He handed me a few files to me.

  A wide smile was formed on my face and gladly accept it, "Of course, sir. I'll be working on it."

  "Huft, so glad to have assistant like you, Kim Taeyeon. Keep up good work, okay?" He gave a small pat on my shoulder before walking away.

  I gave him a bow, "Thank you, sir. Have a nice day."

  "It's unusual you get so excited, Taeyeon-ssi. Since when you turned to a workaholic?" Commented a friend of mine, Sandara, whose desk exactly across mine. I flashed her a grin, "No, it's just i don't know what to do at home."

  "Ah.. i see."

  I gave her a sheepish smile before focus to my computer. Meanwhile, my phonescreen was lit up for a notification. I peeked a bit, it was a text from Miyoung, begging me to go to the date at that italian restaurant.

  I smirked. A workaholic? Psshh, Sandara-ssi you're too kind~ the reason why i'm excited because i can get home late. The date was arranged at 7.30 pm, an half hour after my usual work hour is finished. Because i have an extrawork here, i might get done at 8 or 8.30 pm. Which means, i have a reason for not coming to the date! Yehey~

  My phone vibrated once again. Still from Miyoung. Gosh, this is her 33rd time to send that text! Eish, how many times do i have to tell no? I took my phone and turned it off. Alright, that thing won't disturb my work again.

    Three hours or so has passed. And i finally get my work done. I stretched my arms into the air, yawning before cracking my knuckles. Man, that was tiring! I looked up to the clock. It was 8.30 pm. Score!

  Turning off my computer, i packed my stuff and happily skipped to the elevator (I know, a 26 year old woman skipping like a kindergarten. But hey, nobody sees anyway)

   The night was pretty hectic. Colorful lights decorating the streets making it feels cozier. There are a lot of people who still wander around and do their activities so the night wasn't feel scary at all. The atmosphere was perfect for a nice walk along the streets.

  I enjoy walking and looking around. Maybe i would find some cute clothes on sale. But instead, i spotted a building on my right. It wasn't so big and tall, and it has this authentic european feeling. I smirked. Well, what do you know? It's the italian restaurant where i supposed to meet my date.

  Hehehe, that guy must be anxiously waiting, eh? Or is he already left? Hmm, that got me curious, though. There were windows at the left side of the restaurant and i decided to take a peek. I saw a man, possibly older than me. The man was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and seems very anxious. He kept blinking his eyes and tapping his fingers on the table. Judging by the fact he's sitting alone, i assume he suppose to be my date (not that i am sure, but he's the only one who sits alone.)

  Sheesh, he looks like he's an IT or something. I do hope he is not my date. But if he is, i'm glad i didn't go.

  I shook my head and about to walk away. But my steps stopped. Because in all sudden, my hand was grabbed by another hand.

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