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Extraordinary Life by KRE_WordFanfic
Extraordinary Lifeby M_KRE J-WordFan
Siapa yang nggak tau orang-orangnnya komplek perumahan blok A itu yang selalu berisik tak kenal lelah, sampai-sampai buat komplek sebelah pada bingung sama kelakuan mere...
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Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED by taeyeondiary
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) Bree
Byun Baekhyun is a typical playboy who plays with girls' feelings. He thought that the rain only brings bad luck, until he met her. Kim Taeyeon, who dreams of being a...
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[BAEKYEON] Spring: Dream by FFortasiano
[BAEKYEON] Spring: Dreamby PiperGrace08
In which 26 year old Kim Taeyeon had sworn she would never date a younger man. Which made her friends a little troubled to find a perfect date for her. Until Byun Baekhy...
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Love Sick (Baekyeon Fanfic) by taeyeondiary
Love Sick (Baekyeon Fanfic)by Bree
What happens when two people who are complete opposites meet for the first time? She's innocent He's selfish She's calm He's cold But it turns out that they will soon...
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You Belong With Me (BaekYeon Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by PaoloBolalin
You Belong With Me (BaekYeon Christian Paolo Bolalin
Meet Kim Tae Yeon, an ordinary girl who wants to purse her dream of being a trainee of an entertainment. Her only main focus is to attain her goals, by studying, and she...
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Goodbye Summer (Completed) by taeyeondiary
Goodbye Summer (Completed)by Bree
"I hate growing up. But I guess I have to deal with it." ~ Kim Taeyeon and her brother, Kyungsoo always go to the Byun's beach house every summer due to their...
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I Wish..... by Taetae8cam
I b.itchswaggirl
What happened if you find out that your boyfriend is a bad boy??? And he said that he even wants to get married but you refused and broken up with him and now he became...
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Sweet Candy Edit Cafe ( TEMP.  CLOSED) by Chanmollyka
Sweet Candy Edit Cafe ( TEMP. by.oreo.baekyeon
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♢ Last Destiny | Soon  by empressaya
♢ Last Destiny | Soon by — EMPRESS 。
❝So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart.❞ - Kim Taeyeon ☁︎Blackperiewinkle's Angs...
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I hope you'll stay happy... (EXO Fanfic) by yong6282
I hope you'll stay happy... (EXO LYF ♡
It only never occurred to her that she might, have already have a crush on him. When she finally did, it was a heartbreak for her. ⓎⓄⓃⒼ: One chapter for one heartbreak...
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Drive me crazy 「chanbaek o.s」au by mariadxlmar
Drive me crazy 「chanbaek o.s」auby María
Un vendedor adicto a la cafeína y un comprador con cara de cachorro descarado chanbaek one shoot - alternative universe ------------------- me excuso diciendo que la ide...
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For You || BaekYeon FF|| by BYJk9635
For You || BaekYeon FF||by 🐧
"I love you but you lied to me." "And you lied to me as well,you said that you love me but you said that just because I look like her,you love her not me...
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One Step Closer To You by ophelianoona
One Step Closer To Youby ophelia_noona
As CLICHE as possible, Taeyeon's boring life as a student meets transfer student Baekhyun. Will their lives be connected or will they just be regular strangers? Watch/re...
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Valentine's Day [BaekYeon Fanfic] by xoxoexolove
Valentine's Day [BaekYeon Fanfic]by BaekYeon
Baekhyun and Taeyeon finally get a peaceful Valentine's Day together. How will they spend this special day? ♡ BAEKYEON
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The Heirs In Love by CikPika
The Heirs In Loveby BaevyeoN
How to describe the meaning of LOVE? For me, LOVE, it's a pure feelings that God give his humans. LOVE, is not a sins. LOVE, have many types. LOVE my family.. LOVE my...
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Baekhyun's Baby by Patchu486
Baekhyun's Babyby Patricia 팻츄 ❤
Byun Baekhyun is a young successful bachelor who seems to be having the time of his life. He has it all; fame and money and he already reached his dreams. Byun was crown...
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Way Back Home - Đường Về Nhà by meo_ngap
Way Back Home - Đường Về Nhàby mèo ngáp
Người em yêu có thể hơi đãng trí, nhưng có một điều anh ta không bao giờ quên - đó là nhớ vợ. • Tác giả: mèo ngáp Bản quyền thuộc về mèo ngáp. Không chấp nhận bất kì hì...
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I thought (baektae fanfic) by Sarang88
I thought (baektae fanfic)by Sarang88
I thought he loved me, I thought he would never leave me , I thought our love story would never end like that. I wish we never broke up. I've waited for years but you ne...
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Twin love by Chanmollyka
Twin loveby by.oreo.baekyeon
English Baekyeon story Pls support my story thanks ^^ let's be friends IG: @by.oreo.baekyeon
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My Dearest » + k.ty | -droptheteasisters by -lividnature-
My Dearest » + k.ty | inactive author
The first person I think of when I wake up is her, the one I loved. How I feel that I saved her life, amazing. Even though she doesn't remember me, I'm satisfied knowing...
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