Part 3

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  It was a bright thursday morning, precisely 9 am. I was sitting at the bus station next to other five people. Well, i woke up a bit late so i prepared as fast as i can. Luckily, i got here on time. I've had my make-up done, but my hair is kinda messy. So now while waiting for the bus, i'm brushing my hair.

  Five minutes passed, the bus i've been waiting for has arrived. I stood up and immediately stepped forward (This strategy is perfect for short people like me to lower the risk of getting squashed.) 

  I hopped in once the door was opened. Taking out my bus card before scanning it. I looked around and decided to choose the seat at the back, which has five or so seats. It's more comfortable for me than the ones that only has two seats. It's kinda awkward, somehow.

  Maybe because i wasn't being careful, or the bus driver just simply annoying. The bus make a sudden move which made me stumbled. My face almost landed on the floor if someone wouldn't caught me.

  "What a relief. Thank y-" i managed to stand up and when i look at the person who caught me, i was undeniably surprised.

  "Oh, we meet again!"

  The guy who saved me two days ago, flashed a smile, "What a coincidence. Kim Taeyeon, right?" He asked. 

  "Yep. And you're the one who saved me that day."

  He chuckled, "Would you like to have a seat?" He offered me a seat which was next to his. I'm gladly accept his offer. Even though we only met once, it's relieving to meet someone i recognize at this place!

  "You've told me your name. It would be impolite for me if i didn't tell you mine." The man reached out his hand, "I'm Baekhyun. Byun Baekhyun."

  "It's nice to meet you, Baekhyun-ssi."

  We shook hands. "So, do you usually take a bus?" I began a conversation.

  "My house is quite far from my office. So, yeah. What about you, Taeyeon-ssi?"

  "Yep, until the fifth stop. From there i just walk to my office. You know, for exercise."

  "Ah.. i see. Where do you work, if i may ask?"

  "Uhm.. JYC company."

  Baekhyun stared at me disbelief, "Oh? My office is just three blocks from there!"

  That got my eyes widened, "For real? You worked at Forta group?"


  With that, we got immersed to our conversation. Usually, whenever i talk to a person i'm not close with, i would try to find topics and choose my words wisely to avoid awkward moments (Some people are just very sensitive.) But Baekhyun is a very friendly guy and the type who easily communicates to everyone so i don't have to think twice before talk. He jokes a lot too, it loosen the tense between us.

  "Oh yeah, i almost forgot! I promised to treat you lunch, right?"

  "It's okay, no need to do that. I was just-"

  "If it wasn't because of you, i don't know what would happen to me with those gangsters. So i owe you." I cut his sentence, "There's a steak restaurant a couple of blocks from my office. How about there?"

  Baekhyun sighed, "Okay, then. If you insist." He then grinned. Who doesn't like free food?

  The bus finally arrived at the fifth stop, i stood up and made my way to the door. Before i get out, i turned at Baekhyun, "Make sure you come, okay?"

  He only smiled as i hopped off the bus.

12.07 PM

  I stared at my watch and sighed. Whenever people opened the door and get into that restaurant, i can smell the buttery aroma of steaks and it makes my stomach rumble. But all i can do is standing outside because Baekhyun hasn't seem to come. Am i too early? 

   Two minutes passed, finally i see the person i've been expecting, speed walking as he waved his hand towards me.

  "I'm sorry, am i late?"

  "for nine or ten minutes, but that's okay." I shrugged, "So, shall we go in?"

  He nodded and we entered the restaurant. The place is a little crowded but we managed to get a seat. Before he sits, Baekhyun pulls the chair for me. Awh, what a gentleman. Later on, a waiter came by giving two menus.

  "Welcome to the Steak House! Are you ready to order?"

  "Uhm, yes." Baekhyun replied, then he looked at me, "Would you like to order first?" He asked me politely.

  I nodded, "Well, i'd like to order..."

  After making some orders, the waiter repeated the list to reassure before leaving. We began to have a light chat.

  "Have you been here before, Baekhyun-ssi?"

  "A few times. My friends sometimes want to have lunch here so, yeah, the food is pretty delicious."

  "I see." I nodded.

  We'd done some chit-chats for about twenty minutes, until our orders has finally arrived.

   "Please eat a lot." I said politely as the steaks were put on the table. Baekhyun smiled and nodded before we began to eat.

   "You know, i watched you fought that day, you must have some kind of martial art. What kind of martial art is it?" I began another conversation as i took a bite of my steak.

  "Hapkido. I've been doing that for twenty years." He replied.

  "Twenty years? Wow..." Truth to be told, i was impressed. "That was a long time! You must be some kind of the master now!"

  Baekhyun laughed a little while swallowing his steak, "You can say that."

  "But really, thank you so much for saving me that day, Baekhyun-ssi. I really really appreciate that."

  "Well, i should thank you too." Said Baekhyun, "I finally can use my skill to help people."

  While enjoying our lunch, we chatted like the way we do at the bus. Not just we get along really well, i found out we have many things in common, too! We both likes strawberries, we prefer phone calls to text messages, et cetera.

  We talked about many things. Hobbies, previous occupations, and telling each other about ourselves. Right now, i'm just being my casual self and it feels really comfortable. No need to pretend and having awkward situations. Baekhyun was fun to talk with. Sometimes we laugh at jokes and funny stories we tell each other (we have the same sense of humor, too.) We didn't realize we have finished our food.

  It was just the second time we've encountered, but we easily become friends.


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