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I'll admit, this post isn't all that relevant to writing, but it was something I found that I think is really worth sharing. I found this website called featuring an online noise generator. Not only does it include background noises such as rain, waterfalls, and crackling fires, it has Indian and Tibetian drones, soundscapes, industrial noises, white noise, binaural beat machines, and a lot more.

The really cool thing about this site that sets it apart from other noise generators is that each sound has 10 sliders with which you can completely control the mood of the sound to your exact taste. They have presets, too. For example, look at the different fire sounds:

Drawing Well
Warm and Cosy
Forest Fire
Deep Fried
Danger Rumble
Riverside Camp

Each has its own distinct mood. It's pretty awesome. With the rain sounds, you can tweak it to your perfect mix of thunder, lighting, and rain. You can make a fairy rain sounds like it's raining in a fairytale forest. You can make a distant rumbling storm. You can make it sound like you're actually standing in the middle of a rainstorm and getting soaked. It's phenomenal.

You can write to these, study to them, sleep to them, or relax to them.

So there you go! Now you can stand in the rainforest and then a few minutes later go to a church, then next to a campfire, and walk over to a monastery within the comfort of your bedroom. Hopefully you'll find or create some tracks that can help you write or unwind after a hard day or concentrate while studying. :) Enjoy!

There's another really awesome site like this suggested to me by ShadyCatNamedLeonard called While this doesn't have the 10 sliders super customization-ness found at, you can play various sounds at the same time, such as rain, thunder, water, etc. and control the volume levels of each. There's a page on the site where you can type things, so you can work on your novel as you watch the background slowly and subtly change colors. It's not distracting, though. It's very soothing. And whatever you write in that textbox you can download when you're finished. :) 

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