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You know how I always preach to never just look at ONE writing guide or blog for advice? Well, here's 100 of them:


(Click the EXTERNAL LINK!)

(wattpad's on the list, lol)

Here are a couple blogs I follow that aren't on the list (Check one of the first comments on this chapter. I posted all the links so you can click on them!):

http://readingwithavengeance.tumblr.com/ The owner goes line-by-line in popular/mainstream YA books and rips them to shreds. You can learn a lot about how to write well by seeing someone criticize bad writing. She doesn't just give baseless hate and bashing; she explains her snarks thoroughly and gives great analyses. While you shouldn't take her word as law (never take anyone's word as law!), you can still learn a ton from her! Her blog also features writing tips and book recommendations.

http://reasoningwithvampires.tumblr.com/page/108 Same thing with chapter snarks, but this is exclusively on the Twilight Saga.

http://thewritingcafe.tumblr.com/ A writing advice blog run by several people (so you get a spectrum of opinions and backgrounds!) who get asks about writing and answer them. They offer phenomenal advice. If you hit "tags" up in the navigation bar, it is a GOLD MINE of resources for writers featuring posts on absolutely anything and everything you can think of that's writing-related. E.g. history, mythology, mental illness, characterization, world building, publishing, diversity, technical writing, plot, romance, crime... There's just so much on there that I doubt you can get through it in your lifetime. Lovely site!

http://writingquotes.tumblr.com/ A collection of thousands of quotes on writing by authors and the like. Some are motivational, some are insightful, some are witty, etc. A nice pick-me-up to read through after a stressful day. :)

http://the-right-writing.tumblr.com/ Another writing advice blog.

http://title2come.tumblr.com/ Funny, relatable reaction gifs all writers can relate to!

http://www.rejectedprincesses.com/ This is a unique blog where this guy researches really obscure females in history/mythology who were either terrifying, badass, or both. You can find great inspiration for strong and interesting female leads here!

https://constarstudiestv.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/2014-09-24-shonda.jpg?w=500 WRITING MOTIVATIONNNNN :)

http://catnip4writers.com/limyaael.htm Rants on what works and doesn't work in fantasy novels

http://the-right-writing.tumblr.com/post/86811793563/every-single-anti-procrastination-method-and Anti-procrastination masterpost

http://writerswrite.co.za/209-words-to-describe-touch 209 words to describe touch

http://cockeyedcaravan.blogspot.com/ Movie analysis! Great for novel writers as well.

And I'll leave you with those! :) Enjoy.

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