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(at least for me)

There's this video game called Kingdom Hearts that came out over a decade ago. You run around all the Disney worlds and fight the darkness.

I don't know how or why, but this game has touched me and affected so many people so deeply that now, as adults, they're reacting like this to the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3. **See video up top** Start at 13:38 ish.

I was stunned as I watched this (and I cried like a baby!). But my point is how mindblowing that a story can get this kind of reaction out of people! A story can have the emotive power to make grown men and women cry, and that is beautiful. I'm honored to be a writer and share the stories that make me cry and laugh and swell with emotion.

If I'm ever feeling discouraged about my writing or just need a pick-me-up, I watch this video and remind myself why I'm writing in the first place: so someone, someday, might read the words I have written and cry like millions around the world did at the big reveal of KH3. :) Just thought I'd share that video with you all, and hope it inspires you to open your Word doc and WRITE! Be proud that you're a writer and bringing joy to others with your words.

And because I haven't brought it in for a while... *slaps you with a wet fish until you watch the video* There's some swearing and screaming, so make sure you're alone when you watch. :)

What's your inspiration to write? I.e. Why do you write? Share in the comments below!

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