Things that REALLY BUG ME

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I see these things done wrong so many times that I can't even, so I will set the record straight now.

1. It's YOU'RE welcome, not your welcome. You're = you are. Your = possessive. "Your welcome" means a welcome that belongs to you, which doesn't make sense. "You're welcome" means "you are welcome", which is the correct form.

2. The misuse of the word "literally" kills me inside (it doesn't literally kill me inside! it figuratively kills me inside). "Literally" means "actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy:" (from You cannot say something "literally blows my mind", because what you're actually saying is that thing blew up your mind, with an actual explosion, splattered your brains on the walls, and you are now dead. You cannot be "literally dying of laughter", because you'd actually be dying and in need of serious medical attention, not typing this sentence. etc.

"Literally" should only be used when something that seems exaggerated is actually, physically, legitimately happening. So many people use it in the exact opposite situation, which is incorrect and sends me off the wall. (it doesn't literally send me off the wall! It figuratively sends me off the wall.)

3. "alright" is not a word. It's the equivalent of saying wassup instead of "what's up". "All right" is correct.


If I trail off in the middle of the sentence . . . <-- the last word has a SPACE after it, then three dots, each with a space between them.

If I have completely ended the sentence, then you have NO SPACE after the last word, then three dots (each with a space between them), a SPACE, and finally a PERIOD. . . . <-- like so.

Yeah, that's about it. My biggest writing pet peeves that I think, when corrected, will make the world a better place for all. Do you guys have any others to add? In the comments below, share the most widespread writing mistakes you see that bug you to no end.

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