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Okay, I'm (finally!) going to try getting organized with this. Everyone's making suggestions all over the place and half the time I forget about them and they're lost in the void.

So IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR A TOPIC(S) YOU'D LIKE ME TO COVER IN THE GUIDE, POST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW ON THIS CHAPTER ONLY. THANK YOU. Before you make a suggestion, read through the comments and make sure someone else didn't already request the same thing.

Stay available because I might ask you to clarify your suggestion. Also, no promises that I'll actually make a chapter on your suggestion, depending on whether or not I'm knowledgeable on the topic and/or feel it an important and relevant topic of discussion. I'll do my best to cover what I can, but I'm not the goddess of writing, and I'm still learning and figuring things out myself.

If you've posted a suggestion before but I haven't specifically replied to you saying why I won't/can't write on that topic, please post it again here! That would be a huge help to me. Thanks, guys!

I'm sorry I can't reply to every comment because I get so many and not enough time to get to each and every one. And wattpad glitches all the time and half of them I don't even see. :( If it's a pressing matter, PM it to me and I'll definitely get back to you within the week. If I still don't get back to you, it's because I saw the message then blatantly forgot to reply, so just message me again.

And for all the support and well wishes, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH. We're nearly at 3 million views (holy crap.........) and I have no idea where all these readers are coming from, and I'm completely humbled and stunned so many people enjoy my rants and rambles on writing and are finding them helpful. You guys are phenomenal. :)


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