Joffrey Baratheon X Reader - How to Offend a Woman in 5 Syllables or Less

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(A/N) - There was no specific story suggestion for this one so I decided to go along the lines of the start of one of the swan princess cartoons I watched all the time as a kid because the song is always stuck in my head. If you haven't seen it I would suggest watching the two videos down below before you start reading.

You couldn't remember a summer that you hadn't spent in King's Landing. The smelly, dirty city had become something of a holiday destination for you and your father since you were tiny and you would be forced to spend the whole time with Prince Joffrey and his family. Of course, you wouldn't have minded if he was a normal child, if he would run around and play like other boys would. But no, the Prince would rather stroll in the gardens or sit away on his own than play knights with you, so instead you would be forced to sit in silence, reading a dull book, watching his Father's court, or playing a card game you didn't fully understand.

When you first visited, you were a small child, unable to understand why you were being forced to leave your mother and brothers back home whilst you had to go to the capital with your father. And when you were introduced to Joffrey, you became very hesitant to spend any time there at all, not happy with being forced to wear dresses and act like a lady where you would normally wear leathers and sword fight with your brothers. He had kissed the back of your hand, both of you showing great disgust at the action he was pushed into carrying out as you greeted one another. "It's good to meet you, my Prince," you had muttered as your father pushed you forward and smiled down at you. As you both turned away you were pushed back together by your parents, the Queen smiling down as Joffrey finally spoke. "So happy you could come," he told you through gritted teeth, obviously as anxious to leave as you were. The rest of the summer had gone quite similarly, you trying to get him to do something interesting where he would rather have not spend any time with you at all. You instead found your ways to spend time with his brother Tommen, who though he was younger was far more entertaining.

The next visit you remembered was a few summers later, when Joffrey had become somehow even more boring than the first time. You had tried with all your might to persuade your father to allow you to stay back home, but he was insistent that the King and Queen would be disappointed if you didn't spend the whole summer with the young Prince. It seemed, of course, that Joffrey had the same idea, arguing with his mother that he didn't want to see you at all, only to be told that he would one day understand how these visits would benefit him. Once you had arrived, he tried to avoid you, spending time hidden away in his chambers, or turning away when he saw you, leaving you bored and alone in the Red Keep for a majority of your visit. You had left for your home with your father, relieved to see King's Landing disappearing from your sites as you rode away.

The summer that followed, you decided to take matters into your own hands, forcing Joffrey to at least recognise your presence and persuading him to play with you, though your father told you that you were much to grown up to be playing dress up with a Prince. When they told you that he wouldn't be playing anymore you searched for better entertainment, finding good company in the man they called the Hound. Sandor soon became one of your only friends in King's Landing and you would speak to him for hours on end, making jokes and telling stories to him. You would often leave him in fits of laughter before going to dinner with the King and Queen, and their children. It was that summer that Joffrey attempted to teach you to play card games with him, and though you didn't fully understand the rules you always seemed to win, calling it beginners luck as you grinned at his look of frustration. It was clear that he was not used to losing, especially not against a girl. By the time you had to leave you found that you were enjoying yourself, feeling a little sad to be leaving your friend Sandor behind whilst you returned home to your mother and siblings.

Soon enough, it became clear to you why you had been suffering through the visits to see Prince Joffrey. Your parents wished for you to join your houses in marriage, but you were hesitant. It would be a blessing to the people of Westeros, the celebrations for the royal wedding would be magnificent and they would all get a chance to stop work for just a day and join in with the well wishing. Your parents would be pleased, to have you as a future Queen would make them one of the most powerful houses in the Seven Kingdoms but you still weren't convinced. The Prince had never been anything but difficult, and he didn't treat you as you had hoped a husband would. You could see that your father was worried that you would turn down the offer but in reality you didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Queen Cersei had taken a liking to you, and your families wealthiness and was encouraging the marriage, and you could hardly turn down the Queen's wishes.

The next time you visited King's Landing, you were expected to have an answer to the Princes' proposal but you still were not sure what you were going to do when you finally finished the journey. You were pushed into the Great Hall by your Father so that he could go and greet the King and you huffed as you span to see the Prince standing on the other side of the room. You watched as he clocked your presence and he gave you a once over before smiling. You felt a flutter in your stomach as you watched him come closer.

"Y/N, it's good to see you," he grinned as he kissed your hand like he had the first time you had met, but this time though you didn't feel disgusted. Butterflies erupted in your stomach, your cheeks burning red as you smiled up at him. Gods he had gotten handsome since the last time you had seen him.

"How are you, Your Grace?" you asked as he gestured to the two seats at one of the tables, pulling out one for you to sit in before sitting opposite you and speaking again.

"Much better now that I get to see you," he told you softly.  "Have you thought about my Mother's proposal?" he asked you and you nodded slowly finally making up your mind.

"I have, but I have to ask you why you would want to marry me, Your Grace," you started, moving your hair to the side as a serving girl poured you some tea into the fine china cup in front of you, you gave her a smile as thanks as you brought the cup to your lips and sipped at the hot liquid.

"I mean look at you, Y/N. You're stunning," he smiled and you blushed deeply as you smiled back.

"Thank you, Your Grace, but what else?" you asked and he looked dumbfounded as you watched him intently.

"What do you mean?" he asked you and before you could answer, he spoke again."What else is there?" he questioned and the smile fell from your lips as you quickly rose to your feet, stepping away from the table.

"I'm sorry, Your Grace, but I think I've made my decision. I won't marry a man who can't see anything beyond a woman's beauty," you told him as you walked brusquely out of the room, heading towards where you knew your father would be with the King and Queen, as you reached them you received a smile from the three adults. "Father, I think we should leave," you spoke as you held back the tears brimming in your eyes.

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