Chapter 14

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"Where the fuck were you!" Dakota growled out, his eyes pitch black.

"We told you that we were going to deal with it because you and your men are too cowardly to do so." I told him, trying to appear strong in front of him.

"Oh, you think I'm cowardly." He asked, taking a step forward making me stumble back into the wall. Bad move, he so quickly, all I could see was a blur, and he was in front of me, holding my arms above my head.

"Yes, and I'm still mad at you." I told him ,trying to control my breath when he started kissing down my neck softly.

"Oh I know." He said, kissing my lips roughly.

I responded quickly, moving my lips with his and grinding my hips against his. He groaned, releasing my hands to put his hands around me. He lifted me up quickly, wrapping my legs around him. A moment later, I felt the air around me whoosh past me and found myself on a bed.

"What are you?" I whispered out, staring into his eyes, my hands cupping his face.

Every werewolf was fast, but not as fast as he had moved.

"That's the mystery darling." He said, his head back to my neck, but instead of his lips, I felt his canines graze my skin.

He paused, waiting for my approval and when I nodded, he ripped my shirt off, hands massaging my chest.

We panted heavily, and just as he was about to bite into my neck, I pushed him off, clambering onto him and biting into his neck first.

I heard Dakota yell out, his grip tightening on my waist. I felt pleasure hit me, as Dakota's hips grinded up into mine. He growled when I pulled away after licking the little bit of blood that leaked out, smiling at the mark I left on him.

He flipped us over, pinning me onto the bed. Without wasting a moment, he leant down, biting straight into my neck, marking me as his.

As I felt his canines rip into my flesh, I screamed out in pain and pleasure, pulling him closer into me. Oh god, it felt so good!

Dakota leant back, panting heavily, resting his forehead against mine.

"Please." I whimpered, pulling on his shirt to make him look at me. "Pleas take me. I'm yours. All yours."

"Are you sure?" He asked me, leaning back to look into my eyes, looking as if he was searching for something inside them.

"Yes. I l- like you a lot." I told him, stumbling over my words, not seeing the look of hurt in his face.

"I like you a lot too." He said, pressing his lips into mine gently, his hands moving back to unclasp my bra making me sigh into his lips.


I woke up, my eyes blinking blearily, trying to focus onto something other than the glaring sunlight. I smiled at the thought that Dakota and I were finally one.

I turned to look behind me, my smile turning into a frown at the empty space next to me. Where the fuck had he gone?

I struggled to sit up, ignoring the searing pain down there. I swung my legs off the edge of the bed, standing up wearily. I picked up his shirt on the floor, slipping into it quickly, trying to ignore the smell of his musky scent all over it.

"Dakota, where are y-?" I cut off myself when I walked straight out of the room ,noticing that I was in the West Wing, and seeing Dakota and Maria's locked lips.

My mouth fell open as Dakota pulled away, his eyes begging me to listen. My eyes filled with tears, we just mated a few hours ago, and yet here we were.

"Alessandra, this isn't what it looks like!" Dakota said, stepping towards me.

I ignored him, closing my eyes and shaking my head. I just wanted to forget what I just saw.

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