Chapter 6

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"So his the jerk who made my new best friend cry?" I asked Clara, yes the same Clara who came running in just literally half an hour ago.

Well, with my amazing skills, her tears had all gone and we were now talking, and drinking. Yes, I snuck some alcohol! You can't blame me for trying to get through the night with a bit of booze, well that was before all this mate drama started. And, yes, we were both definitely drunk. Me more than Clara though.

I could feel my family and friends try to reach me through the pack mindlink, but it was hard since I had blocked them, and I wasn't sober right now.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" She didn't wait for my reply and kept on giggling,"It's prince Cayden."

It was silent for a moment as it registered in my drunk mind, before we both erupted into giggles. I quickly took a sip out of my sixth bottle, passing it over to Clara. And yes, I had bought seven of those bottle thingies, all of them filled with alcohol.

"I approve girl!" I said, giving her a massive smile, my eyes half open.

"Thanks! What about you, do you have a mate?" She asked me, her words slurring together making it hard for me to understand, yet I still did.

"Yes, it's Dakota." I said blandly before my eyes widened when I realised something very important , "We'll be sister-in-laws then!"

And we both whooped.


I woke up, groaning when I felt the glaring light of the sun on me. I moved to turn away but found that I couldn't because of a light weight on my lower body. I lifted my head slightly, my eyes blinking tiredly, to see a mop of blonde hair resting on my stomach and a tanned arm on my chest.

What the fuck happ- oh wait, now I remember! Going to the ball, finding my mate, being close to my mate, running away, meeting Clara, drinking with Clara, dancing and laughing with her. Oh my god, Cayden's her mate! And I also told her that Dakota's my mate!

And oh my god, everyone's gonna be so worried! Wait, I know that they know that I can handle myself. Warrior here!

I looked out to the sky, ignoring the burning in my eyes, and looked at the colour of the sky. Judging by it, it was probably 5 or 6.

I removed Clara's arm from my chest, before pulling my entire body out, supporting her head with my arms before I placed it down.

"Clara, wake up." I hissed shaking her harshly, groaning when she just turned around, completely ignoring me. "Wake the fuck up!" I yelled out, leaning over her. Bad move.

She shot up, her forehead smashing into mine. "Oh shit, first Austin and now you! My poor head!" I yelled out, standing up in shock and stumbling around the tower.

That bang actually just got rid of my starting hangover! Thank god! But now I have a searing pain in my head that didn't come from last night.

"Your poor head! What's your head made out of, bricks? We're lucky we heal!" She hissed out, sitting up straighter, her hand rubbing the red spot and her eyes tearing up.

She was correct. Her red spot was already leaving, but my forehead pain was still there, as well as my bruise.

"Why aren't you healing?" I froze, my mouth to dry to answer, before I looked around the space, my head snapping back to outside when I realised that people were awake, and when I say people, I mean Dakota and Cayden. "What are you looking at?"

I shushed her, gesturing towards our mates, and we quickly leant against the balcony railings, staring down at them. They were sneaking out of the woods and going towards the castle.

"What are they doing?" I asked Clara in a tone that was quieter than a whisper.

"I don't know." She whispered back, and we went into silence as we watched our mates do whatever the hell they're doing.

The bad thing was that they weren't speaking so we couldn't eavesdrop on them! I took a quick glance to see Clara staring down at her mate, I'm sure that she won't be distracted, and I closed my eyes.

I calmed myself down slightly, my entire body relaxing, and when I opened my eyes, it felt as if I was standing much closer to them as I originally was. I studied their actions, the bleeding mark on Cayden's chest, the exhausted look on Dakota's face. And what the fuck, were his eyes flashing.

I gasped in shock, the gasp breaking my concentration, and I was back in the tower which was much further and much taller. Don't ask me how I can do that, I was literally born like that, noticing things. The only people that know are my family and Austin and Liam.

"What? What's wrong!" Clara asked, looking towards me, but not seeing what I just did, well that was a relief.

"Nothing. Let's just go, more people will be waking up now." I told her, thinking how stupid that sounded, most werewolves were probably gonna have a big hangover.


I was back in my bed, facing the window as I didn't wanna see my sister and her fuckbuddy's naked bodies. As soon as I had got here, I stripped out of my dress, which was all dirty and smelt of beer.

I played with the edge of my pillow, just thinking about what Clara and I saw. It seemed as if Cayden was helping Dakota, but for what? Is that why his parents was scared for me? Is that why he said that we can't be mates?

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