Chapter 6

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Damian's POV

While Paige was at the mall with her friend, I sat on the couch waiting for her to get home so I can pester her. I sat on the couch for like an hour and she still wasn't home, so I went up stairs to go pee. But her door was opened a little, she must have left it open on accident. I opened the door more and saw her posters and her closet, I stepped into her room more and looked at her dresser with pictures of her when she was little, I smiled at them, they were cute. I was so busy looking at her stuff, that I didn't notice that she walked in the room.

"What the hell Damian, why are you in my room?" She yelled at me, oh sh*t I've been caught. "Hey Paige" I said trying to be sly. "Don't you dare say hey to me, I'm mad at you!, and how did you even get in here?, I usually lock my room." She said glaring at me. "The door was cracked open I swear" I said holding my hands up. "Well get out I need to take a nap." She said still glaring at me. "Okay, okay no need to glare at me." I said chuckling a little, stepping out of her room. "Don't laugh at me" she said slamming her door in my face. 'Wow, I really must have made her mad. 'I thought while going to the bathroom to go pee. When I got done, I washed my hands and exited the bathroom, just to run into Paige, perfect.

"Hey Paige" I said a little to excited, damn my tiny crush. "What do you want Damian?"she snapped. "Are you really still mad at me?" I asked dumfounded. "Yes, I'm still mad, because first off you drew a f***ing penis on me and then I found you snooping in my room, so yes I'm still very mad" she said glaring at me once again. "Why are you still glaring at me, I said I'm sorry" I lied, to get her off my back. "What?! no you didn't" she said even more mad. " okay, okay, I'm sorry I drew a penis on your face and that I snooped in your room" I apologized sincerely while I walked away from her to go down stairs.

"Hey dad, we should go home" I told him while smiling at my dad's fiance, Carol. "Yeah, we should, its getting late and you need to pack still." My dad reminded me. "Have you told Paige yet, Carol?" I asked her. "No, because she's still pretty mad that I'm marrying your father, she's not over the fact that her father left us when she was younger." "Oh I'm sorry" i said with a frown. "Oh no, its fine Damian and goodbye, I don't want you guys here when I tell her, you guys are moving in with us tomorrow." "Yeah, goodbye honey" my dad said while giving Carol a kiss goodbye.

Paige's POV

"Hey honey can you come downstairs for just a moment." My mom yelled. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming, what do you want?" I asked her once I got to where she was. "Well I'm just telling you that Damian and Shawn are moving in tomorrow" she said happily. And just then it felt like my heart was going to explode. "What no, I thought h-they were moving in like a week from now." I said freaking out, I can't have Damian living here if he likes me like Riley thinks he does, because then he'll never get over his crush on me, and that could ruin my mom's relationship with his father. And I don't want that because my mom needs happiness.

"Yeah but they wanted to move in quicker, so when the wedding comes they'll already be settled in. " Damian's room isn't even finished yet." I said trying to convince myself that they couldn't be moving in. "Yes it is" she said chuckling a little to much. "Since when?" I asked confused. "About a week ago" "this is news for me" I said still slightly surprised. "Well imma go to my room and get ready for the big day tomorrow." I said about to turn around. "You act like I'm getting married tomorrow." My mom said laughing. " well I have to be prepared for the devil to move in with us and his awesome and not so devilish father." I said bolting up the stairs before my mom could say anything. 'Here comes tomorrow' I thought while drafting off to sleep.

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