Chapter 1

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I walked in my house and slammed the door shut, then I sat on my couch. "Honey! is that you?" mom yelled. "No mom, its not me!" I yelled back sarcastically. "Haha, very funny Paige." she said sitting next to me. "Hun, I-I have to tell you something" "What is it?" I asked getting nervous. "I'm getting remarried." she stated happily. "What?! Mom! how could you!? It was supposed to be us against the world!" I stated getting upset. "Honey, I-I know............ but I fell in love again...... with Shawn." "Oh.. well I'm happy for you." I said walking up to my room.

I shut my door, going to my bed and lying on it face down, crying into my pillow. The reason I'm crying is because my stupid douche of a dad left me and mom when I was only seven years old. She promised me it was going to be me and her against the world, and I guess I just held onto that and still do. I guess I just don't want to lose what me and mom have when she marries Shawn. Just hearing his name makes me cringe.

"Paige, get over this, you're seventeen years old you're acting like a child." mom said sounding angry. "Now get dressed, Shawn and his son are coming over for dinner." she continued acting more calm. "Ugh... fine!" I said getting up and changing out of my school uniform and going to my closet and picking a Green Day shirt and black skinny jeans. I walked to the bathroom and redid my makeup because I ruined it from earlier. I walked down the steps and sat on the couch. *ding dong* "Honey, can you get that?" "Yeah yeah" I said getting off the couch and walking over to the door and opening it. "Damian!?!?"

OK hi guys I know its a cliffhanger but I promise I will finish this story and not just end it randomly
this was like 320 words so yay and I picture Paige as Sasha Pieterse

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