chapter 9

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I woke up to my mom shouting at Shawn saying "Shawn can you just corporate with me and take out the garbage, I'm already late for work and you're not helping." She said exasperated, sounding tired. "Yeah, whatever just go to work" he said sounding annoyed. I ran down the stairs about to yell at Shawn when my mom said "Paige it's fine, go back upstairs." "What!?! No, I'm not gonna let him disrespect you like that, listen here Shawn, my mom works her butt off everyday and then she asks you to do something, do it! She doesn't need your disrespect!" I yelled, saying his name with disgust, going back upstairs and lying on my bed closing my eyes hearing them yelling at each other even more. "You know what!! You can sleep on the couch tonight!" My mom finally finished yelling, slamming the front door shut.

I got up and walked over to my window, seeing my mom pull out of the driveway and driving off. 'Ugh great Shawn's gonna be mad the rest of the day' I thought rolling my eyes and walking over to my closet and pulling out my favorite sweater that had puppies on it and then pulling out my black skinny jeans. I took off my pajamas and put on my outfit for today. *knock knock* someone knocked on my door. "Yeah?" I said. "It's Shawn" "what do you want?" I asked annoyed. "Can you call your mother and tell her I'm sorry, she's not answering me" "yeah, sure whatever" I said grabbing my phone and dialing my moms number and pulling it up to my ear. "Paige, what do you want?" She asked. "Shawn says he's sorry and that you shouldn't go out for lunch today." I lied "Yeah sure, but tell him I'm still mad at him" "yeah I will, love you mom, bye" "bye, love you" she said hanging up.

I walked down the stairs and told Shawn what my mom said. "I also told her that she shouldn't have lunch today" "what why?" He asked confused. "Because your gonna make her lunch and eat with her" "but I can't cook" he said sheepishly. "Fine I'll make it, but you go and clean the house, you're lucky I'm helping you save your marriage with my mom." I said walking away into the kitchen and making my moms favorite food; chicken panini.

While I was making the panini Damian came home from football practice. "Damian, you're finally home" Shawn said from somewhere in the household. "Yeah! what smells so good?" Damian asked walking into the kitchen. "I'm making chicken panini for my mom, so she can be happy, since your dad p****d her off" I said rolling my eyes and finishing the panini. "Yeah, okay whatever" he said imitating me. "Hey!"  I said hitting his chest. "Hey what" he said feigning innocence. "You were mocking me" I said pouting, putting the chicken panini in a container. "Shawn! the chicken panini is done, you might as well leave now so you can get there on time for her lunch break." "Yes, thank you Paige, you two be good, ill be gone for at least an hour, if not longer" he said hugging me and Damian goodbye.

"Wanna make out while he's gone?" Damian asked smirking. "What?! No that's just repulsing" I said fake gagging. "Yeah I know you would like it, every girl wants me" he said, cockily. "Not evey girl, aka me." I said crossing my arms over my chest. "That means your not a girl" he said laughing, running away before I could hit him again. I ran after him, chasing him all around the house before he said he gave up and sat down on the couch. I hit him on the head and sat down next to him, turning on the TV.

I was watching spongebob but then he turned it to a college football game. "Hey, change it back" I said reaching for the remote. ", I need to watch this" "no you don't" I said arguing with him. "Come on please Paige" he asked sticking out his bottom lip. 'I would love to kiss- wait what was I just thinking?!' "It's my favorite college football team" he said pleading with me and knocking me out of my messed up thoughts ", I was watching TV first." I said pouting. "Fine, what about if you kiss me, I'll let you watch what you want." "What nooo! Damian that's just gross, I'm your stepsister, you can watch football, because I'm never kissing you." I said rolling my eyes.

"What football team is this?" I asked trying to make small talk. "It's Alabama duh" he said as if I'm dumb. "Well I'm sorry I don't watch football" I said defensively. "Yeah most girls don't" he said paying attention to the TV. "They're actually really good, from what I know about football" "yeah I know, that's why they're my favorite, YESS, GO, GO, GO!!!" he said yelling at the TV. "You know they can-" "SCORE!!!" he yelled cutting me off. "Whatever boys will be boys" I said mumbling under my breath getting up and climbing the stairs. I went into my room and sat on my bed going on my phone.

"We're home!" Shawn yelled while I heard my mom giggle. They finally came home over being out for 2 hours. I walked down the stairs and walked over to them. "Why are you home mom?" I asked confused. "My boss let me leave with Shawn, it was very slow today." She slightly slurred. My eyes widened. "Is she drunk!" I asked Shawn. "Yeah slightly, she wanted to go dancing" he said while she stumbled slightly. "It was soooo fun, you should've came with" my mom slurred while giggling. "Mom, I'm underage and I don't drink, you don't know what you're saying." I said taking her away from Shawn and dragging her upstairs and placing her in her bed. "Paige, thank you for being the best daughter that I could have." She said before passing out.

I walked away and closed the door and walked down the stairs. "Why would you let her get drunk, a day before your guys' wedding?" I asked Shawn confused. "I already told you, she wanted to go clubbing" "fine, you can deal with he-" I started ranting but Damian grabbed my arm to make me calm down. I ripped my arm out of Damian's grasp and put on my shoes, walking out of the door.

Damian's POV

"Do you want me to chase after her, dad?" I asked him putting on my shoes and exiting not waiting for my dads response. I spotted her going into the park and chased after her. I caught up to her when she sat down on a bench. "What do you want Damian?" She asked me sighing. "I don't know really" I said awkwardly chuckling. "Then leave me alone" she said rolling her eyes. "Why did you get so mad that my dad got your mom drunk?" I asked her. "Because the last time she got drunk, she wouldn't stop crying over my dad and I hated it and I hate him even more for leaving us" she said tearing up. "Hey come here" I said putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into my side, letting her cry.

"If it makes you feel any better my mom died when she gave birth to me" I said hoping to cheer her up. "No wonder you treat women so bad, you didn't have a mom" she said joking around. "Ex-cuse me, you did not just say that." I said in a girly voice making her burst out laughing making me laugh to. "I'm sorry about your mom" she said after she calmed down from laughing. "It's fine, I never got to know her" "still that sucks" she said, sorrowfully. "We should head back, shouldn't we?" I asked getting up. "Yeah...." She said sounding disappointed. "You okay now?" I asked, making sure she's okay. "Yeah I will be" she said smiling. 'Damn her smile can light up an entire city' I thought smiling back at her.

We walk up to the door and walked in. "Hey dad, I brought Paige back. I said that while Paige bolted up the stairs, slamming her door shut. "oh okay at least she's safe" he said releasing a breath. "Yeah well its been a long day dad and I'm tired so goodnight." "Goodnight son"

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