Chapter 4

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"Paige I love you so much' Damian said leaning in and kissing me. 'I love you to, Damian' I said kissing him back.

I shot up out of my bed, going into the bathroom getting my face wet, 'what the f**k' I thought as I got dressed into my 'llama's with hats' shirt and black skinny jeans and my favorite purple beanie. I walk into the living room to find Shawn and my mom looking at a wedding magazine. " Oh honey, you're up, I need to know your dress size for the wedding." "Size medium" I told her as I walk past her and into the kitchen and getting some cereal for breakfast.

Once I finished my cereal I walk over to the front door putting on my shoes and telling my mom, "mom! I'm going out for a walk" "okay honey, please be safe" "yeah yeah I will" I said as I open the door and stepping outside into the sunshine. I shut the door and starting to walk down the sidewalk. I walk down the sidewalk and walk across the street to the park, over by the pond. "Well, well, well, would you look at this, Paige is finally outside" one of Damian's friends said. "Go away Mark, nobody likes you" I snarled back at him. "Oh looky somebody's feisty today" he said pinching my butt. "Don't touch me, a**hole." I glared at him, walking away only to have Mark pull me back and say "watch what you say sweetcheecks, I'll make your life a living hell" he whispered in my ear.

I snatched my arm away from him and walked away from him only to bump into someone. "Oh sor- Damian!, why the hell are you here?" I questioned him with an eyebrow raised. " well this might sound weird, but I was following you when you crossed the street into the park, because I knew Mark was over here, and he's an a**hole, I'm going to go beat him in the face, for even touching you!" He said getting really angry. "No, you don't have to do that, I'm fine, really I am, just Mark is creepy." I said shaking a little bit. "Well I should beat his face in but I'll walk you home" he said offering me a small smile. 'No wonder girls fall at his feet, he has an award winning smile' I thought with an eyeroll.

"You didn't have to walk me home, I was only like a mile away from my house, and you didn't have to follow me around like I'm important to you" I said annoyed. "Well maybe you are, because we are going to be siblings soon, so I have to protect you" he said getting annoyed to. "No! You don't, just go away Damian" I said walking up to my house and slamming the door shut. "Honey are you okay?" My mom asked walking over to me quickly, checking my face. "I'm fine mom, I just wanna take a nap" I told her going up to my bedroom and getting into bed.

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