Chapter 12

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'Oh my god, I can't believe Damian told me he likes me' I thought as a paced around my room, going in circles, thinking of what just happened. 'I have to go out there, confront him and tell him that he has to get over this crush' I march out of my room and go over to Damian's door about to knock on it, but then I chickened out and walked quietly back to my room to pace some more. 'Come on Paige you've got this' I preped myself and marched out of my room again, going over to Damian's door once again. 'Should I knock or not' I contemplated, I raised my hand about to knock on his door but just then the door opened and out walk Damian with him shirtless and a towel in hand. "Oh Paige! What are you doing outside of my room?" Damian said surprised. "I'm here to, to tell you to get over this crush, because nothing will happen of it." I said hesitantly. "Are you sure about that" Damian said smirking and began walking closer to me, making my back hit the wall behind me. "You sounded pretty hesitant" he said leaning in close to my ear.

I leaned away from him, well as far as I could, and I could still smell his minty breath that was attracting me towards him. 'Stop Paige, stop thinking like that' I scolded myself. Once I got out of my thoughts, I focused on mine and Damian's close proximity. "Dude Damian back up, you're in my personal bubble" I said shoving his face away from me. "Nah I'm pretty content this way, I like being close to you" he said giving me that damn stupid smile, that smile that I'll never get tired of. "Yeah well I don't like being this close, so please back up" I said putting a tight smile on my face and pushing him away from me. "Ugh come on Paige, you can't fight away your feelings for me forever" he said rolling his eyes. "What's there to fight? I don't like you" I said walking away and into the kitchen to make myself some lunch. I walk out of the kitchen once I made myself a bowl of ramen noodles and sat on the couch. I was flipping through the channels and I stopped on the news, because why not. As I was watching thew new Damian comes down the steps, plopping onto the seat next to me. "Paige, why are you watching the boring ass news?" Damian asked looking at the TV with a bored expression on his face. "I don't know, maybe because I wanna know what's going on in the world I live. Like right now this 16 year old boy died from football practice, and without the news I wouldn't know that" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"Ugh Paige, that's so boring" he said laying his body across my lap. "Dude Damian, get off, you smell like b.o." I said trying to shove him off of me. "What!?! No I don't, I just got out of the shower" he said laughing at my attempts of pushing him off of me. "Oh my god Damian, just get off of me" I said giggling, still trying to push him off.  "Oh my god Paige try harder" he said as he continued to laugh. "Its not my fault you're fat" "what! I'm not fat, you're just weak noodle arms" he insulted me, laughing once again. "Hey! Don't make fun of my arms" I said pouting and crossed my arms over my chest. "Hey Paige" "what?" I asked rolling my eyes "this is comfy" he said wiggling his eyebrows and putting his arms behind his head, which in the process dug his arms into my legs, hurting me. "Ow Damiannnnn" I said dragging out his name "you're hurting me" I said whining. "oh my god Paige, shut up and let me sleep" he said flipping over onto his side. 'Ugh why does he think he can just use me as a pillow' I thought to myself, rolling my eyes and looking down at him. 'Ugh why does he have to be so cute but such a jerk' I thought bringing my hand down and started running my hand into his hair.

Damian's POV

'Why does she have to do this? It isn't helping my huge ass crush on her' I thought, still pretending to be asleep as she kept running her fingers in my hair. "Paige stop" I mumbled out. "What, why?" She asked confused stopping her hand. "Because I have to go pee" I said getting up and walked up the stairs into the bathroom. I finished my business and walked back down stairs and plopped onto the couch. I reached over her and grabbed the remote, seeing as the news was over, and put on a random tv show as background noise. I went on my phone and went on Instagram. "Hey Paige, what's your insta and snap?" I asked her. "Why do you wanna know?" She asked raising an eyebrow. "So I can follow you, duh" "oh, well my Instagram is PaigexxReedxx, same with my Snapchat."  "Wow very creative" I said teasing her but followed her anyway, hearing three notification dings. Two were from me but the other one was a text message. "Who is that?" I asked as she read the text. "Oh just some guy" she said smiling and replied back to him. "Well let me see" I said leaning in next to her. "What? No" she said, making sure that the screen was out of my vision.

"Why can't I just see?" I asked, glaring at her. "Because it's my own privacy" she said rolling her eyes, looking at me when she locked her phone. "Well it's my right to see what you're hiding from me" "what the fuck no it's not" she said laughing, once again hearing the notification bell of someone texting her. I reached for her phone grabbing it before she could.

Peter: haha well have fun with that ;)

"What?!? Have fun with what" I asked her. "Oh my god nothing, don't worry about it" she said reaching for it. "Who's Peter?" I asked her, putting her phone underneath me. "Oh my god, just a guy that got my number some how" she said trying to find her phone. 'Oh my god, her face is right in front of me, I could just stretch my neck a little bit farther-' and then I did it, I kissed Paige. We kissed for a solid 5 seconds, but then I bolted for it. I went over to the door and put on my shoes, and exited the house and ran all the way to my old house and into my old backyard. I went down a dirt path and just continued walking until I got to my spot. My spot was a cave and on the other side of the cave was a water fall. I walked over to the water fall part and just sat there. I sat there until I cleared my head, because I kissed Paige Reed.


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