Chapter 2

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"Damian?" I asked in disgust. "Paige?" Damian asked confused. "What are you doing here?" I glared at him. "Nothing, I'm here with my dad, now move." he said shoving me away from the door. "No, this is my house, leave!" I said about to push him. "Paige, leave poor Damian alone and come help me set the table." mom interupted. I glared at him then turned on my heel, heading to the kitchen.

"Honey, can you set these plates on the table? Oh and the silverware too." "No, I'm disabled." "Paige, be serious, you have to be nice to Damian and Shawn." she said putting the glasses on the table. "Sorry, I can't help it, I HATE him!" "Shawn?" "Yeah mom...... totally, even though I've never met him" "So it's Damian?" "Yes we go to the same school and he has sex with every girl in our grade....... well except me." "But that doesn't mean you have to hate him, you guys can still can get along." "No, we can never be friemds, him and his friends bully the girls that don't have sex with them...... especially me, so that means we can never be friends" "Damian is nothing like that Paige, so don't go accusing him of something so gross because he's so sweet, just like his father." Whatever.." I said rolling my eyes and walking away.

I walked up the steps and went on YouTube, looking up Tyler Oakley. I was watching him fort ten minutes when somebody barged into my room. "Hey dinners ready." Damian said. "Get out of my room!" I shouted at him. "What if I don't want to" he said smirking at me, looking at my Connor Franta poster. "You like those gay guys?" he asked. "Yes now get out of my room." I said even more annoyed. "But din-" "Yes, I heard you, now get out." I said and getting up and following him down stairs and sitting across from him.

"So you finally decided to join us." Shawn said with amusement in his voice. "Yeah.." I said picking at my food. 'Ugh, I hate broccoli' I thought to myself. I was swimnging my feet when all of a sudden Damian kicked me. I looked up at him and he was smiling, so I glared at him. Then he kicked me again, so I kicked him back right in the shin. "Owwww!" he screamed out loud making mom and Shawn look up at him. "What she kicked me." he said frowning slightly and mom looked at me disappointedly.

"Hey it's not my fault, he kicked me first." "No I didnt, stop lying!" he said smirking at me. I shook my head, glaring at him. "I hate you" I mouthed at him while crossing my arms and slouching in my seat. "No you don't." he mouthed back at me, smirking. I got up and walked up stairs and into my room.

I sat on my bed, checking my e-mails, I had none so I locked my phone. I took off my shirt the same time the door opened. "Ahhhhh!!!" I screamed to Damian. "GET OUT!!!" I yelled at him covering my chest and blushing fiercely. "So-sorry I-I was looking for the bathroom." he gulped nervously. "Then go next door!" I shouted at him. "Sorry" he said once more and walking out of my room. 'Why was he so nervous, its only me' I thought to myself, while putting on a tank top and walking out of my room and going down the stairs and into the kitchen to clear the table and clean the dishes. I finished ythe dishes and walked into the living room with everybody else.

"Paige hon, did you do the dishes?" mom asked me. "Yep" I said popping the p. I felt someone watching me, so I looked up and saw Damian staring at me. "Can we talk?" he mouthed to me. "Sure?......" I mouthed back to him, unsure of what he wants to talk about. He got up so I followed him into the kitchen. "I'm sorry" he blurted out.

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