Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

It's not as busy during the afternoon shift at General Hospital ..

Dr. Robin Scorpio is surprised seeing both her parents and also former Spy Agents Robert & Anna Scorpio .

" Mother , is everything ok ?

Why are you both here

at the same time ?! "

She demands

Anna smiles ,

" Oh Robin , sweety calm down nothing is wrong we are simply here for your father's annual check-up ! "

replys Anna

Meanwhile ..

Over at Kelly's Restraunt

Molly Davis is lost in thought when her mother Alexis Davis , Attorney At Law joins her at the table !

She is brought back to reality feeling her mom's hands touch her shoulder as she flinches !

" Oh Molly honey ..are you ok ?!

You just jumped out of your skin right now ! " asks Alexis curiously and concerned ..

What's bugging Molly ?!

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