Chapter 5 ::

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⏬ Chapter 5 ::

Det. Lucky Spencer is determined to solve the latest murder mystery to hit General Hospital in Port Charles in like a really long time , but tonight he promised his girlfriend Dr.Robin Scorpio a drama free night !

It was a refreshingly breezy evening as the cold front swept through town .

Elizabeth Webber was about to hit the bedroom early since she has an important meeting early in the morning ..

Franco subtly convinces her to at least join him on the couch for a GOLDEN GIRLS mini marathon being shown on tv .

" Alright , only for you my loving husband , i will get us some popcorn going ! "

she says .

He looks back at her smiling ,

" I will grab some wine ! "

he teases ..

Red Wine always goes best with Popcorn .

He gets outside to check the mail then locks the door behind him only to get knocked out ..

Elizabeth panicks ,

" Who would kidnap Franco & why ?! "

Robin & Lucky enjoy a romantic evening alone at an abandoned loft downtown , one that was used as a drug dealers main base of operation few years ago .

The Police Dept not only gave him the Badge of Honor for taking down the notorious Eli Watts , but they rewarded him the key to keep the loft if he ever needed it .

The music of Marvin Gaye's ,

" Let's Get It On ! " is playing on the record turn table ..

He leans into kiss her lips to match with his as they french kiss while dancing ..

" I love you soo much Robin , I want you to move in with me ..

here at our Love Shack ! "

he teases ..

The music switches as he breaks down a few key dance moves showing off as he is lost in such a poignant moment ..

One he doesn't know will be a cherished one in the days ahead .

Sounds of broken glass outside startles them both ..

He quietly indicates he is going to check it out ..

While he does ..

Robin is caught off guard , she is given chloroform in a napkin knocking her out ..

so by the time Lucky returns ..

His precious Robin has vanished ?!

He sees her red dangling earing left behind with blood stain ..

" Oh no Robin ..not you ..not you ! "

he says in devastation ..

Cast :

Lucky Spencer :

Johnathan Jackson .

Oct 21, 2019

Happy Holidays !

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