Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful summers afternoon as the staff at General Hospital are cleaning up and getting ready for the Night Shift to take over later in the evening .

Nurse Amy is spreading gossip about Sabrina Santiago and her boyfriend Michael Corinthos wanting to have a baby together ..

Franco is surprising his girlfriend

Chief Of Staff Elizabeth Webber by catching her from behind closing her eyes with his hands smiling ..

" Guess Who ? "

She smiles with a sly smirk

" James Franco ! "

She teases

He giggles slightly ..

" Funny babe , not ! "

he replies

She turns around and they share a steamy liplock .

" Mmm ,

Strawberry Gloss my favorite "

he says smiling

" Oh Franco , you are just everything I needed today's been a really bad day ! " she says with a frustrated sigh ..

Franco begins to massage her back and trys to calm her down just as a shriek is heard from within the hallway ..

Elizabeth and Franco rush out the door as they hear

Dr.Sabrina Santiago yell ..

"O-M-G she's dead !!! "

Franco can't help but remark

" Please tell me it's Nurse Amy ! "

Elizabeth is about to scold him till she sees Michael Corinthos appear on scene to console his girlfriend .

" Sabrina , it's going to be ok I am here now ! " he says soothingly.

She cries on his strong shoulders .

Franco manages to get a view of the victim who is dead ..

" Nurse Jilly ! "

He says recalling a time last month she shared some Chicken Ramen with him back when he and Liz had a little disagreement !

Detective Lucky Spencer takes on the case ..

" Nobody touch anything !

This is now an official crime scene ! "

Cast ::

Shelly Long

( Nurse Jilly )

Det.Lucky Spencer

( Johnathan Jackson )

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