Chapter 6 Pt2/6 Feb Sweeps

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Chapter 6 Pt2/6 Feb Sweeps

It was a beautiful breezy afternoon in Port Charles as Nick Newman receives a mystery text from an unknown number.

The text implies to enter the red taxi no queshtions asked !

He subtly kisses his girlfriend Carly Jax as she lies sleeping in their bed of her beautiful home.

He hears Josslyn enter late. .

" I promise not to tell your mom you arrived home late only if you agree not to ever do it again ? " he asks

Josslyn feels challenged , but agrees .

" I am a senior in high school ,
I am bound to
make mistakes ! "

She muses stand offish

" Wow you sound like your mother just now , my appoolgies i am

Nick Newman ! "

says Nick smiling

" I know exactly who you are , the man my mom is over the moon about , the guy who mended her broken heart over ! " she teases.

Nick is intrigued ..

" Broken heart ?! "

He demands

Josslyn regrets having a big mouth like her mom !

The red taxi arrives ..

As he enters , Carly wakes up as she sees Josslyn tremble ..

" Honey , why are you shaking ?! "

Demands Carly wearing her pink robe around her waist barely awake no make up .

" Mom , i think i may just have ruined your relationship to Nick Newman ! "

she hints

Carly is alarmed ..

' Where did he go ?! "

she demands

" He left in a red taxi ! "

recounts Josslyn .

Carly fumes ..

" Dayum you
Sonny Corinthos ! "

she says rushing to get dressed .

Josslyn heads upstairs angry at herself .

We close to

Tanya Tucker's song of

" Some Kind Of Trouble "

To Be Continued ..

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