Chapter 5

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"You know what fellas?" he breathed out "I don't think it's a ghost or demon we're after here."

"Then what?" you whispered "What could be making people's hunger go so big?"

Dean looked down at you, meeting your eyes "There is only one explanation..." he whispered.

And then realization downed on you as you breathed out "Famine"

"Wh-what?" Sam stuttered, his eyes going wide.

"Think about it-" Dean licked his lips "That kid not being able to stop eating until he had a stroke because of the food. That woman taking her husband's eyes out because her jealousy got over her. That husband loving his wife so much that he practically devoured her. And Jill-" he stopped himself, a small sigh leaving his lips.

"It's the only explanation." you whispered, eyes casting down "People's hungers are taking the best of them. They're all... starving. For what they deeply desire."

"But- but it makes no sense!" Sam exclaimed and you could partially understand him. His hunger for demon blood would sooner or later cause a big problem and if not for the case then for the brothers' relationship for sure.

"We killed famine! He's gone for good! And last time we checked- there is no Apocalypse number 2 going on!"

"Yes but you said it yourself yesterday. It might be." Dean shrugged softly but let a small sigh "Maybe that makes no sense because we killed him yes but- either way we know for a fact that people are giving into their hungers."

"Great then." you sighed, already beginning to understand what that weird feeling at the pit of your stomach was "So what do we do now?" you breathed out, giving Sam a worried look which he actually returned.

"Well, first find a motel because I desperately need a shower and then-" Dean stopped himself for a second to share a look with his brother "-we'll see." he breathed out as you all made your way to the Impala.

"We're not going to-" you spoke tentatively "We're not going to leave, are we?"

Dean looked at you, his one hand on the hood of the Impala and the other on the handle "We don't know that yet." he breathed out honestly but you frowned.

"Why? This is a case, similar to one you have faced in the past at that! You're been through so much after that- what makes you think you won't make it this time?" you frowned looking between them.

"(Y/n)" it was Sam that spoke "Things have changed, we-" he glanced at Dean who had his head bowed "-We are not the same as then."

"Exactly! You are stronger now! You have more will! You are the Winchesters, there is no single case that can just go by with you two!" you emphasized.

"You're saying that because you don't know what Famine can really do (Y/n)." Dean spoke his voice thicker as he fisted his hands.

"When your hunger gets the best of you you won't be able to think of anything, much less the case." he swallowed, shaking his head "I'll probably call Cas so that you and Sam can-"

"No." it was Sam that spoke up "Forget that. I am not leaving you on your own, or with Cas anyway. Not now and in this situation." he pressed.

"Neither am I." you spoke up and his green eyes met yours "I- I mean that there is no way we are going to let you deal with this on your own. You never know what can happen with your own hunger."

"Sweetheart I'm-" he started speaking with a small sad smirk but you cut him off before he could continue.

"Dean Winchester I swear to Chuck that if you dare say you are dead on the inside I will kick your ass so hard you won't beable to sit for a week!" you threatened, your serious tone making him look at you almost in awe more than anything else-and of course not notice your small slip up.

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