Chapter 6

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"You have the Mark of Cain." you breathed out and it was no question, but a statement.

"Yep." he pursed his lips "A gift right from Cain himself, who no longer is alive but- Yeah." he sighed, his eyes falling down on yours again.

"I see." you swallowed, lips in a thin line as your mind was racing. It didn't take you long to realize in what season and pretty much episode you were, even if this specific one never aired.

"So what?" you whispered, looking right back up at him to find his eyes always glued on yours "You crave... to kill?"

Dean let out a trembling breath, his eyes leaving yours. He didn't say a single word, instead Sam spoke up.

"That's what we're afraid of." he moved forward and you turned your head to look at him "Maybe the urge to- to kill isn't really powerful at the moment but if he comes across all those bodies- and the blood- he might-" he stopped himself pursing his lips.

"I won't." Dean almost growled.

"Maybe you don't know it yet, Dean! Yes sure last time you didn't crave anything but- but now you've got the Mark and it's already made you do things-"

"Sam!" he all-but-roared, making you take a step backward. His head immediately snapped to your direction a look of pure horror crossed his face, his eyes going wide for a second before a sorry look took over. No, not just sorry. He felt guilty.

"This is exactly what I mean!" Sam exclaimed but then tried to calm himself "Dean, don't you realize it? You were already itching yourself for a fight, the Mark was because the anger inside you kept building up. Dean, the Mark's urges will get so hard to fight off you- you won't be able to control it."

"Yes but I have, I already have it under control Sam I'm not just going to get locked up inside until this shit is over." Dean growled with a roll of his eyes.

"For how longer Dean? You had a hard time before not to mention now that Famine is on the loose and everybody is going crazy to get what they crave. It's strong Dean, stronger than before and-"

"And how do you know huh?" Dean cut him off, raising an eyebrow and your eyes widened for a second. You knew this wasn't an easy topic for any of them, and you'd hate to see them fight (or worse) when thy needed to be united.

"Tell me Sam, how do you know this? Are you craving something so bad you are almost losing control?" he growled, narrowing his eyes at his brother.

Sam took in a deep breath, almost knowing he couldn't avoid the fight that was about to break up.

"No." you spoke up"No it's just- me, you know and chocolate." you gave them a small smile "It is indeed worse than the first time, even if I wasn't here." you took a few steps forward, almost being between them.

"But-" you glanced at Sam for a second "Dean, he's right." your voice took a much softer tone as you turned to look at him "I- I know you have this under control but this is Famine we're talking about here. Control doesn't exist and we need to besure that we will get done with this as fast as possible."

"We can't afford any distractions Dean and you know it." Sam spoke softly, giving his brother the signature puppy look.

"Exactly. And although I know that- you do have the strength to win over this- I know-" you emphasized, walking closer to him again and smiling reassuringly "-we cannot take any risks Dean. It will take time to get you on track again and we can't afford that."

"Alright." his voice was thick as a small sigh left his lips, his eyes didn't leave yours especially as you smiled back at him.

"So what then? Sam can't go on his own there and no, forget it you aren't going with him! I sure as hell ain't letting you close to that dick of a sheriff again!" he pointed a finger at you and you chuckled.

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