Chapter 17

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~A few hours earlier~

"Are you sure you don't need anything else?" Dean asked for what seemed like the millionth time this day but you rolled your eyes once more.

"Dean" you said with a soft smile, not being able to hide how you felt at seeing this side of him "I am fine. I don't need anything and if I do then I can get up and take it for myself. I am well for most part."

He let out a small sigh for himself "Yeah I know, sorry it's just-" he ran a hand through his hair "I'm trying to make you feel as much at home as possible."

You shook your head with a fond smile, moving to make room for him on the bed "I told you before-" he came to sit next to you "I already am at home." you placed a hand over his and a boyish grin spread on his lips. He kissed your forehead, closing his eyes.

"But this is not really why you're doing this for, are you?" you whispered the question you've been dreading to hear the answer to.

"(Y/n)" he whispered, his eyes casting down as you gave him a look.

"When are you going to get over it, huh?" you asked softly and he scoffed a laugh.

"Probably never." he breathed out, looking straight in front of him.

"Dean" you squeezed his hand, shifting slightly so that you'd look at him but he still wasn't "This needs to stop. You- you blaming yourself for all of it is not going to be the solution to any of it."

"It is all my fault, though. You got hurt because of me, (Y/n), one way or another I am-"

"Shut up, alright? Just shut up." you said as firmly as you could "I told you a thousand times and you still won't listen but I'll keep saying it. It is not your fault. You barged in without a single care of your safety or life to save me! And you did! You did save me. Please now just- let it be over. Come on, I've read too many fanfictions about this and honestly you are more stubborn in real life." you breathed out a laugh, trying to lighten the mood and a chuckle did leave his lips.

"I just- You are in this situation because of me. You were at the hospital because of me, wounded and broken. You went through a kind of pain that- that you never deserved. That you never should have for any reason. Not you... not you." he breathed out with a shake of his head, burying his face in his hands as he pulled away from you.

"But I did. For good or bad, I did. There was a reason to it, in a way. And yes, maybe it left some scars. Ones that I'll beembarrassed of later-" you mumbled, looking down at your fidgeting hands.

"No" he breathed out, placing a hand on top of yours "You- you should never be embarrassed of anything on you. You are perfect in every way."

You breathed out a nervous chuckle "If you've somehow gotten hold of my favorite fanfictions then I am telling you this is out of the cheesiest ones."

He shook his head, giving you a small grin that barely reached his eyes "Just sayin' the truth."

"I know you are." you whispered, squeezing his hand "But Dean so am I, please try to understand that. I don't mind them, or at least I think I won't mind them. If you help me a little with that." you gave him a small smirk and he finally let out a deep honest laugh.

"Anytime." he whispered, his lips brushing your forehead before he finally kissed you.

"You know I am not going to blame you for it. Never Dean." you snuggled closer to him "About any of it because yes maybe it happened for a reason we cannot understand at the moment but- who knows? Maybe someone out there is giving a crap about us." you sighed "But I'm not going to think about it at the moment. All of it- it only made me stronger, and this-" you showed your tattoo, your voice taking on a softer tone "-This makes it all worth it. As long as I have it and you, then I don't care about just a few scars here and bruises there; seeing as Cas healed most of it."

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