Chapter 3

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"Hey Sam." you smiled "Back so soon?"

"Uh yeah." he breathed out laugh "Not many people at the store but uh- I also got something else." he sighed, letting the plastic bags on top of the table.

You slyly peeked inside, seeing the pie there- making Dean smirk just slightly for a second at seeing you. But he cleared his throat and focused more at the urgent topic at hand. Sam didn't look all that pleased with the news he was bring.

"Like?" Dean frowned looking at him.

"Well-" Sam looked between his brother and you, already knowing that he was about to say wasn't just going to go by with Dean.

"I think I found a case, and it's an urgent one."

"What do you mean?" you asked in a low voice, crossing your arms over your chest.

Dean glanced at you in a worried way before looking back at Sam "Is it really that serious?"

"Well, if the Apocalypse isn't happening again then-" Sam stopped, shrugging and you frowned.

"Second Apocalypse?"

"Seems like that yeah." he sighed.

"Ok what happened exactly?" you asked, already feeling an itching feeling to get more into this.

"Seems like almost an entire town was wiped out. Citizens started dying one after the other but the way they did- very few had the same kinds of deaths. You could say it's like a virus but-" he shook his head "Didn't seem like that. And now- I heard some people talking about it on the store- they've seen their neighbors acting the same way."

"It could be spreading to another town?" you asked, raising an eyebrow and he nodded his head.

"We don't have lots of information yet. I could search on it on the way there. But I think there is something about it-" before Sam could complete his sentence Dean cleared his throat.

He got up from his chair "Ok yeah that's not something to talk about here."

"Huh?" you asked, clearly offended.

"No offence (Y/n) but you've just been zapped here. The less you know about this 'case' the better." he clarified.

"Excuse me?" you raised a eyebrow "Sam didn't dare utter a word about the case and I suddenly know a lot to get me in danger? Who said I can't help after all?"

"I did!" he almost roared at you, taking you aback for a second, making you stumble back "Look- this is no walk on the park, (Y/n). The reason we brought you to the bunker is to protect you, we are not going to throw you into harm's way just for the heck of it."

"And what if I actually want to help?" you couldn't help but snap back.

"Then too bad, cause you ain't." he gave you a tight cheeky smile and you groaned.

"Gosh you are even more stubborn than in the show." you growled.

"Thanks, I like to take pride in that!" he said sassily and the only thing you could do was glare at him.

"You're being irrational you know?" you huffed.

"She's right Dean." Sam dared speak only to be met with the death glare of his brother.

He huffed, rolling his eyes "Dean seriously, you can't expect (Y/n) to just stay here while we are away on a case. It's for- it's for the best if she joins in too! To you know- get used to it, maybe?" he said the last words in a lower voice, giving Dean a look which you didn't understand but he obviously did.

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