Chapter 11

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~Three hours earlier~

"I freaking hate witches." Dean grumbled as he plopped down on the bed.

"Can't say I don't agree." you shrugged letting a soft sigh as you leaned back on your chair. No matter how much you loved going around as FBI, playing bad cop on a few was practically fun but not walking around so much in those high heels. You were thankful you could change back in your (sort of) old clothes and relax before Sam and Castiel could get back.

"How the heck did she even do that?" he asked, his eyes still locked with the ceiling.

"I have no idea but- you saw it yourself. Almost all victims had a hex bag in their house and they all got it from the same person. Our monster as it seems." you rubbed your eyes tiredly and he shrugged.

"And man talking about some crazy freaking cravings." he groaned and you nodded your head.

"Well, not all cravings are the same." you shrugged "But at least now we are more oriented you know? We had been looking for an old man in a wheel chair, if we kept going we'd probably never have any results. Don't you think?"

"Yeah, at least we know it will be an easy kill... unless there are any body fluids. Damn I hate those." he groaned, running a tired hand down his face.

You chuckled a little tired yourself "Right because that's the least of our problems."

"What do you mean?" he raised his head slightly to look at you.

You shrugged "I don't know Dean, seems too easy you know?"

"Sometimes it is, just wait until we can find her hideout. Sam sent me a message that he's got something after all."

"That's unless he is talking about finding out it's a witch, though."

"Mhm maybe. Maybe not. Important is to get this case done with as soon as possible." he shrugged tiredly.

"True." you sighed just as tired "People are losing their loved ones, their soulmates. This is much worse than what I had seen on TV."

"Yeah, I guess." his eyes were still focused on the ceiling as if in thought.

"It is terrible isn't it? I mean you've seen what Sam went through when he lost Jess. It's so cruel to just have a part of your soul return and then... lose it, just like that." you fidgeted with your hands.

"This whole soulmate business isn't so simple, (Y/n). Not to mention losing them." he shrugged softly "Hell, even meeting them is a fucked up situation, much less all that."

"Yeah but you know it must all be worth it right?" you looked down at your wrist running your fingers over the bare skin of your wrist.

"You're saying it like you want to, I don't know, meet him or something." Dean's voice held more interest than what he let show on his face.

You shrugged "I don't think I would mind. Love hasn't been always an easy topic for me anyway."

"So what-" he gave you a crooked smile "-have you imagined how he'd be?"

"Well-" you fidgeted with your hands before clearing your throat "I mean... maybe?"

Dean tried to keep the smile from his face, or to let it show excited he was so he smirked instead, plopping up on his elbow to raise an eyebrow at you "Do tell?"

But once you saw his expression you scoffed with a roll of your eyes "Sorry to break it to you but I had Cas in mind."

"Yeah right." he scoffed, falling back on the bed and although he could see you only teasing him he found himself feeling jealous a little bit "So you'd want him to be your soulmate?"

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