chapter 1

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*dinah pov*

"Justine, will you please stop running around the house and go shower?" I yelled at the 6 year old girl, who was running around in only her underwear.

Justine stopped dead in her tracks and gave me the meanest mug she could do. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, chuckling softly.

"I wanna see auntie mila." she pouted, crossing her small arms over her chest.

"she'll be coming soon with your other aunties. go get in the shower and you can ride with one of them later."

she smiled so brightly that it made me smile as she took off running up the stairs. I shook my head because she does what she's told if it involves her aunts. I hear the water running and I go to the bathroom . I watched in amusement as my daughter unsuccessfully washed her hair. she's quickly running her hands through her hair making the water fly onto the floor . I shook my head before speaking , making her fall on her butt .

"baby, that's not how you do your hair. do you not remember what I showed you last time ?"

"I do but it hard to breathe."

"I told you that it's easier if you lay your head back like this." I said, showing her what I mean.

she gasps and looks at me with her big eyes.

"mommy , I didn't know you can do that. I can still breathe !"

"you're hopeless child. I teach you these things and you just forget ."

"I in first grade." she said, smiling big .

"yes baby , I'm aware . you're getting big ."

"I'm going to be a second grader next year ."

"you'll be a second grader in a couple more months. you'll be turning 7 soon too ."

"yay ! mommy can I get new things ?"

"like what ?" I asked, raising a brow and wrapping her in a towel after we washed her body.

"art supplies !" she giggled .

"you ran out already ?"

"yeah , I used everything . I show you my wall later."

"you're my talented little baby."

I kissed her head as I helped her get dressed . she was wearing a pink dress with a sparkly bow in the middle. I put a matching headband on her head . Camila was surely going to love it . 

"do I get it from mom ?"

"maybe. she's a pretty talented woman."

"will I see her again?"

"yeah baby you will . she's with her family. your grandpa died."

she started tearing up . I wiped them away as I sat on the edge of the bed before pulling her up on my lap.

"hey, don't cry. he's up in heaven with a great guy . God is going to protect him okay ?"

"promise?" she asked, sticking her pinky out.

"promise." I intertwined our pinkies together. "now let go out to eat before going to the park."


she got out my lap, smiling and ran out of the room . I laugh and shake my head before following . when I got to the end of the steps, Justine was on Camila . ally and Lauren beside them.

"how I missed my little girl!"

"mommy picked this dress out for me. do you like it ?"

Camila looks into Justine's eyes , smiling widely at her .

"of course I do ! you have all these cute little bows on you. how can I not like it ? you're so beautiful Justine ."

"thank you. you're beautiful too auntie mila ."

"not as beautiful as you pumpkin ."

"you are ."

I smiled at the sight before ushering them out the door so we could eat something . I locked the door behind me before getting in the car next to Justine . I held her hand as she began to play with my fingers . I never understood why she did that but it was cute . my daughter is cute. the best thing to ever happen in my life besides .. that one person who shall not be named. she broke my heart and I never got an explanation. no one heard from her except for when she would text Lauren and zendaya that she was okay and they shouldn't worry about her. I, at least, deserved to have an explanation so I know whether I should be angry or not at her.

"where's Anise?" Lauren asked.

"dad died so I have Justine until she gets back. then I'll only have her for the weekends."

"at least you two aren't far from each other ."

"I know but I hate for her to keep going back and forth from our house to Anise's . she's already getting tired of it."

I look down to find my little baby asleep with her head on my lap, still holding my hand like she's afraid I'll leave her. her feet were over Camila's legs with her making a beat on Justine. this little girl is my life and I don't think I could ever handle losing her. she's just one that I'm not willing to let go of. she's my daughter. she's my everything .

"at least you let anise see Justine ."

"it's her mom . I loved anise and how she treated me. it's just if I was still with normani, I wouldn't have this beautiful artistic girl that I'm proud to call my daughter . so in ways I'm thankful for us not working out."

"you two okay ?"

"yeah, she misses me but I told her that I can't be in a relationship because I need to focus on Justine ."

"do you still love her?"

"well yeah, I mean she is my first and we have a kid together so of course I do ."

"so if she asks you to take her back , would you?"

"if she proves that she wants to and that she actually wants to be in justine's life."

"I never actually saw her with Justine ."

"she's amazing with Justine ."

"so then why aren't you with her ?"

"Lauren , I want to focus on my baby for now."

"what if mani came back ?"

I released a deep sigh before looking out the window . could I be with mani if she came back ? I don't really want to try again with her because she broke my heart . no explanation , nothing . she left me high and dry . why would I fall for her again .

A/N: I'm sorry for it being short but as you know school has started and it's getting more stressful . I'm trying hard to write chapters but sometimes I'm stuck . so if I take long I'm sorry . I hope you guys enjoy this . I love you guys .

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