Chapter 11

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                       Chapter 11

Rey's POV

I freeze knowing what would happen if I moved. I stare at Emma, neither of our eyes breaking contact. We stand in silence, none of us moving.

"Emma, what are you doing," Ben says finally breaking the silence.

"Finishing what I started! Killing both of you. Starting with her," Emma yell, her face curved into an evil smile.

"You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do," Emma says moving the lightsaber closer to my neck to where it burns my skin.

I scream out in pain. I try to move but I'm frozen in place. The searing pain grows worse as she continues to move my lightsaber.

I see Ben tackle her. Stoping her from doing anymore damage. I fall in my knees my hands wrapped around my neck. I rush over to the ocean and wash all the blood off.

Behind me I hear lightsabers clashing. I quickly rip apart the sleeve off my shirts and try it around my neck to slow the bleeding. I run over to where Ben and Emma are fighting.

Ben's POV

I counterattack keep getting weaker and weaker as Emma continues to lash out at me. Emma swings at my head, I duck right before she makes contact. Bending down I lose my balance and fall back.

I look up and see an evil grin growing across Emma's face. She raised Rey's lightsaber ready to kill me. I close my eyes preparing for death as she lowers her hands.

I waited for the searing pain and death. It never came. I open my eyes and see Emma flying backwards. I turn my head and see Rey standing with her arm outreached forcing Emma to fly backwards.

I scramble to my feet and run to Rey.

"Rey are you ok?" I say holding her face in my hands.

"I'll be ok Ben. Any chance you contacted someone before we crashed?" Rey asks stepping back

I kiss her cheek, "they'll be here soon."

I see Rey's eyes grow wide. She starts tugging on my arm.

"What Rey?"

"Ben! Run!" She yells breaking away from me.

Before I could take a step, I feel a agonizing pain run down my back. I scream out in pain. I see Rey run to me before everything goes black.

Rey's POV

Ben falls to the ground not moving.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I scream at Emma, making Ben's lightsaber fly to my hand.

"Try me," Emma says readying herself.

I charge at Emma swinging at her head every chance I get. She does everything she can to stop me.

"You're growing weak," I say having a sudden burst of adrenaline.

She backs up trying to avoid my swings. Emma stumbles and fall. She quickly scrambles up regaining her stance.

I swing my lightsaber around carelessly. Emma struggles to block my aimless blows. It was becoming a game and I was winning.

We start going up a small mountain. Emma turns around quickly and sprints to the top of the mountain.

I follow behind her. She stands at the edge of the peek.

"Kill me. Please," Emma says in a whisper.

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