Chapter 9

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This chapter is for starwarslover12321 as she requested for me to update it! So here it is! Sorry if it suck, most of this was written at 2 am.

Ben's POV

"Emma, I can explain!" I say standing up quickly.

"Oh please don't. I've been waiting for an excuse," Emma says laughing.

"An excuse for what?" Rey says standing up beside me.

"To join the dark side of course. Now I have the perfect excuse to join!"

Emma runs down the hallway. I knew exactly where she was going.

"Follow her!" I yell.

Rey and me run down the hallway chasing Emma. We run into Poe and Finn who were kissing in the hallway.

They look over at us annoyed.

"Emma is going to join the first order and we have to stop her," Rey says panting.

Finn and Poe run with us towards the hanger.

"Emma stop!" I yell swinger run towards a ship.

"Don't let her get on that ship," Rey yells at passing troopers.

They run at her trying to get her down from the ship. She ignites her lightsaber and swings it at them.

Rey charges at her. Emma laughs and sticks her arm out. Rey screams out as she flies though the air. She slams into a nearby ship.

Rey lays limp on the ground. I run over to her.

"I'll see you in battle! Hope you all die," Emma yells climbing into the ship.

She takes off with troopers shooting at her.

"Where am I," Rey says sitting up. "Oh no, did Emma get away?"

I nod.

"It's my fault," Rey says standing back up.

"No it's not."

"Yeah it is and now the Emma is gone," Rey says walking away.

"Rey wait!"

"I'm a monster Ben! Stay away from me," Rey yells running away.

I follow her to her quarters. She slams the door behind her.

I open the door and see Rey crying on her bed. I go and sit next to her. She climbs into my arms.

"Ben, why do you love me," Rey says looking up at me.

"You're beautiful, strong, confident, and some many other things. It would take me years to tell you all the reasons I love you Rey. You're perfect for me Rey. I won't let anyone ever hurt you again."

"We need to stop Emma. She doesn't know what she's getting herself into."

"It's to late now. She probably already there."

"I'm going to stop her."


"Ben. I'm going back to the First Order. I'm going to do whatever it takes to stop her."

Rey's POV

"No! You can't do that! I just got you back you can't leave! Rey, think about..." Ben yells standing up in front of me.

I stop him by pushing my lips against his.

"I know but I'll come back. I promise," I whisper.

"No I'm going with you. I'm not letting you deal with her on your own. Wait, you need your lightsaber."

"I don't have it. It was taken away when I got here."

"I'll be right back," Ben says running out of the room.

I look around for my attire that I wore at the First Order. I find it and put it on. As I struggle with my cape, Ben walks in with my lightsaber.

"Here let me get that," Ben laughs helping me with my cape.

I look at him. He's dressed in all black. "Black really suits you," I say looking at his outfit.

"Are you checking me out Rey?"

I punch his arm. "No."

"Yes you are!"

"Whatever, we better get going."

I take my lightsaber from his hands. I hook it on my belt and grab his hand.

"Back off," I yell at the stormtroopers surrounding us. "Unless you want the weapon of the Sith to become more closely acquainted with your neck, then I suggest you leave."

I smile as all he troopers disband. I step off the ship with Ben following close behind me. I see a red head walking towards me.

"General Hux, what gives me the pleasure of seeing you ugly face this morning?"

"Save your remarks for later, Rey."

"I would like to remind you that I'm capable of killing you with a quick flick of my hand. So if you'll excuse me, I am taking my new padawan to his quarters."

"Wait, how did you get back?"

"That, my ugly general is a story for another time."

I turn to Ben. "Go to my room, I'll be there in a little bit."

I walk through the hallways until I her someone screaming. Emma. I run in the direction that it's coming from.

I see Emma struggling against some stormtroopers.

"Having some trouble?" I laugh at her. "Where are you taking her, FN-2367?"

"To an integration room for General Hux."

"Very well, continue on. Oh and if she's any problem, come and tell me."

"Ben?" I say walking in the dark room.

There's no reply.

"Ben!" I yell as I frantically look around the room.


I turn to see Ben walking out of the bathroom.

"I was just taking a shower," Ben laughs at me.

"You scared the living lights out of me! I thought Snoke got you," I say with a single tear falling down.

He walks up to me. "I'm sorry, you gone for a while so I decided to take a shower."

"No it's fine. I should have just looked around. But in other news, I found Emma," I say smiling.

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