Chapter 1

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Ben's POV

"What" Rey screamed at her master, Luke.

"Rey, calm down," Luke said calmingly.

"Calm down? Calm down! You killed my parents! The people I've been waiting years for, thinking that they'll come back! But now I know they're never coming back because of you," Rey spat in his face.

I walk up behind Rey and put my hand on her shoulder. Rey looks back at me. "She dose have a point Uncle Luke," I say trying to defend my best friend.

"Rey just let me explain," Uncle Luke says.

"Explain what? How you killed my parents?," Rey yells. She turns around and storms out of the room.

"Ben, do you think you..." Uncle Luke starts.

"Sorry Uncle Luke, but your on your own this time," I say turning around to follow Rey.

I see her walk up the to our spot. I run and follow her. I see her sit down and put her head in her hands. I walk up behind her and sit down. Rey leans back and rests her head on my chest.

"The voices are back again," she whispers. I stroke her hair.

"They are?"

"Yeah, and I've decided to go with them."

I sit straight up. "Going with them?"

"Ben, I can't stay here any longer. I just can't. They're coming tomorrow night to get me. They're going to destroy the camp Ben. You need to run, please. They'll kill you if you get in the way," Rey says turning to face me.

"Rey no. You can't leave me. Please."

"Ben listen to me. The voice told me that I could have a family. Ben I'm sorry. Promise me one thing ok?"

I feel my eyes forming with tears. My best friend was leaving and betraying me. I nod my head.

"Promise me you'll leave tomorrow morning. Go far away so they can find you and kill you. Promise me!" Rey begs me.

I wrap my arms around Rey and hold her. I kiss her forehead, which was forbidden. "I promise."

Rey's POV

I burry my head into Ben's chest. "I love you." I feel myself start crying.

"I need you to promise me something too," Ben says. I sit back and nod. "Promise me that you'll come and find me one day. And that you'll still love me no matter what."

"I promise," I say standing up. "We better get back down there. Curfew is in a few minutes."

Ben stands up. "I'll race you down," he says getting ready to run. I smile at him. "Your on."

We sprit down the hill laughing. When we make it down I sigh.

"Meet me tomorrow morning at 8 so I can say goodbye ok," Ben says with tears forming in his eyes again.

"I'll be there. Good night."

"Good night."

I walk down to my dorm and open the door. I sit down on my bed. I see one of the girls that I absolutely despise.

"Where you been, little Rey sunshine," she says mocking me. She used the nickname Ben used to call me when I was little.

"Go away," I snap.

"Oh, is little Rey getting mad?" She snickers.

I stand up and force push her against the wall. "Shut up," I yell at her. I let her go and climb into bed.

I hear all the girls whispering about me, but I got used to it. I finally let the darkness surround me.

When I wake up I change quickly and run out to the hanger. I stand there for a few minutes and then finally see Ben walking towards me. I run to him and jump in his arms.

"Rey," he say with his face on my shoulder. "I love you and I'll always will. Remember that ok? Remember me."

"I will always be here for Ben. I love you," I sob. Ben steps back and wipe the tears off my face. He loads up the ship and climbs into the ship. He turns and looks at me with tears running down his face.

He turns in the ship and starts off into the rising sun.

Authors Note!
Yay a new story! Ok so I hope you liked this first chapter. I worked hard on it so that it'll connect to the rest of the story. But if you look up at the top I did a full face reveal. (I'm the one in the right) Yay! My self confidence is kinda low right now, but it's getting better! I hope you enjoyed!

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