Chapter 13- Finale

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Rey sprinted outside as dozens of fighter ships landed. She pushed through the crowd trying to see. She runs around going around people hugging their loved ones.

"Ben! Ben!" Rey yells trying to find him. 

She stops when a pair of chocolate brown eyes meet her's.

"Rey," Ben says to himself.

They run towards each other. Rey buries herself in his chest breathing in his familiar smell.

"I missed you so much," Rey mumbles into his chest.

"I miss you too."

"Promise you'll never leave us again."


"Promise me!"

"I promise I'll never leave you two again."

Rey smiles. Ben kisses Rey's forehead.

"He's been kicking a lot you know," Rey says. Ben hums in response. "It's crazy to think in two months there'll be a little Ben running around."

Ben smiles at that thought. Little feet hitting the ground. Passing down his knowledge of being a Jedi down to his little son.

"I love you Ben."

"I love you too, my little Rey of darkness."

OK I finally finished this book!!! Whoop whoop! And guess what??? I'm going to start writing my new book "I will find you!"

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