Something Bigger

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I came home that day after a pointless six hours of school. Though to be honest, school isntvery hard just very tiresome. So I came home and got greeted at the door by my mother's latest drunk boyfriend, Ben I believe. He was a really big sleaze and as I passed through the door he attempted to grab me. " Let me go!" I screeched as he wrapped his clammy hands around my waist.

" Come on baby, don't be like that, I all know that you like this." Ben practically purred.

" If you ever touch me again it will be the last thing you ever do!" I threatened.

" Ben what's going on? Is Skyler home?" my mother asked from the top of the stairs.

" Yes, Skyler is home dear. We should go out to dinner tonight. Don't you agree?" Ben asked.

" No thank you! I'm fine."  I spat out.

" Skyler! I dont appreciate that tone! Apologize to Ben immediately!" my mother said.

" For what? Not letting him grope me? Wow I'm so sorry Ben I shouldve let you touch me and be happy about it right? My bad!" I knew that I had gone too far. The look on my mother's  face showed me that she didnt believe me.

" Go to your room right now young lady! And dont come out for a very long time! I dont want to see your face!"

I brushed passed  Ben and ran up the stairs and right passed my mother and slammed the door to my room. I don't know what happened to my mother. This move had really changed her. She had multiple boyfriends and we had only been here for a few weeks! Already she was skipping church, both of us were, partying till all hours of the night and not coming home till the next day. I didn'tknow what to do. So I just ate Purdy's chocolate.

After eating almost a whole pack of Purdy's chocolate I remembered the comments made at school about me needing to lose weight so I went into my bathroom and gagged myself. That was the beginning of something bigger then I could control.


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