A Fresh Start

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A week later:

I had moved towns, schools and houses. I had new friends as well. They were totally different from my other friends. When I moved my mom had gotten me a whole new wardrobe to compensate for having to move and allowed me to pierce my nose. All of these things were contributing factors to my newlyfound cool friends. On the first day of school there were cheerleading tryouts and I decided to go to them. I wanted to check out the popular kids at this school to see if they were much different from the ones at my school. They werent, not really. They were both groups of giggly, boy and makeup obcessed girls at my school just parading around the school like they owned it. Because I was fairly athletic I totally aced my tryouts. All you had to do was do a few flips, sing a silly song and look peppy and happy. Making the squad was all you needed to be initiated into the cool group at school.

The second day of school started with me being greeted by Ashley, a fellow cheerleader. "Hey Skyler! Arent u, like, soo excited for cheerleading?! I know that I am!" Ashley as you can see was a very happy girl. Or at least she acted like she was. I had seen her tear into some freshmen just because they walked into her. She thought that she was above them because she's a senior, just like me.

 " Oo I know right ! I cant wait to learn our new cheer!!" pretending to be equally as excited.

Then another cheerleader joined us, 'Hey Sally how are you doing?"

" I'm fine... i overslept today and didnt have time to finish my homework. Mr. Ketchell is going be pissed!" Icouldnt fathom how she became a cheerleader, let alone the headcheerleader. Even if she wasnt very peppy she was my favourite because she wasnt peppy and also she was the ringleader of the group so if I got in good with her I would get in good with everybody.

little did I know what I was really getting into..


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