The Beginning

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By the way for people reading this Ichanged the time-line.. instead of 3 months its a year... Also even though this is a spiritual story there might be some MILD swears because the people in this aren't Christian.

By the way this is a continuation of Skyler's conversation with Sally taking place in the last chapter.


"Ya well Mr.Ketchell's always pissed so whatever! Sally. He's so not worth it. By the way how's Jake?"

" Oh Skyler you wont believe whats happened!"she gushed for the first time. Jake really softened her up and made her glow. " We went out last night and like hung out for like the whole night! My mom was freaked because i didn't come home till like 3 am"

"Haha nice Sally! Weird that your mom got mad though my mom could care less about when i came home. I mean half the time she doesn't come home till 3 and she's usually drunk or with her new boyfriend."

" Aw Skyler ! that's terrible!" Sally put on her compassionate face.

"Whatever. Im used to it....." I didn't want to be complaining when i hardly knew these girls. I missed my old friends, Jorden and Taylor. I knew that I could tell those two girls anything and they wouldn't tease me about it or share it with anyone, they would've just comforted me. Whatever. I put on my happy face again even though i was crying on the inside.

" Anyway, as I was saying, me and Jake went out to a really fancy Italian restaurant and i had like the best fettuccine Alfredo ever! It was probably a few thousand calories but you know that doesnt matter to me...." Everyone knew what that meant.... In that aspect she was exactly like a cheerleader:bulimic.

" Haha ya totally! I dont even bother to count calories anymore! IM just like who the hell cares?"  Ashley responded enthusiasticallly. "I mean everybody does it. Even you  Skyler, right? Everyone can lose some weight if you know what i mean'

" Um, ya for sure!" I wasnt really totally sure how to respond. I mean she just called me fat! I looked down at my tight shirt, you could see my stomach protruding over my jeans. Most of my clothes didnt fit me really well then. I had gained some weight during the move.  I think that that conversation was the start of something new for me.

" Let's go inside guys. It's freezing out and its starting to rain! I do NOT want my hair to get wet!" yelled ever-so-sensitive Ashley.

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