Where i went wrong

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I can't believe how much my life has changed in just one short year.

Looking back now, I can see everything:

Where I went wrong.

Chapter One:

"We're MOVING?!?!" I screeched to my mom, Mimi. As soon as my mom had uttered those few simple words, the little of my life that was left came crumbling down all around me, broken pieces with no hope of being fixed.

I was skinny- a horrid, twig-like skinny, with frizzy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I had very little friends and seldom got to see my dad, Luke, (bahaha luke I am ur father)  as my parents were divorced and he worked in Korea. I was the nerd at my school, always had my nose in a book and the goody-goody-two-shoed Christian girl at my public school.

Even though I had very little friends the few I did have were the best kind that you could imagine. One, Jordan, was a petite girl with short, golden-brown hair who always had something nice to say. The other was Taylor. Taylor wasn’t a Christian, but you couldn't tell by how she acted. Sure, she swore sometimes, but aside from that, she had the kindest heart imaginable. And her family was amazing! I always went there and ate there almost every day.

Jordan and Taylor were the reason that I did not want to move. They were the only people who knew who I truly was.

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