Boys, Skirts, and Pep

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I borrowed some clothes from Sally for school the next day. Not much fit me as I was a lot taller than her but I made it work. I skipped breakfast, but I had a huge cup of black coffee as it speeds up your metabolism. Sally had some eggs then went upstairs to 'brush her hair.' She drove us to school in her Cooper Mini and we arrived just in time. Ashley saw us walking in together and looked jealous, which if I'm honest, made me extremely happy. She approached us and said 'Skye, why are you wearing Sally's clothes? They look ridiculous on you!' I was about to say something, but before I could, Sally spoke up, 'Jealous much Ashley? Skye looks great in those clothes! In fact I was going to give them to her! And shes only wearing them because she spent the night at my house, no need to get upset Ash.' Ashley turned bright red and before she walked away, she said 'Im not upset or jealous. Why would I be jealous?' After she left, I turned to Sally and said 'Thanks for sticking up for me Sal!' It meant alot to me, because that meant I was in with the coolest girl in school. 'No problem Skyler! Anyways are you excited for todays pep rally?!' she said with a squeal. 'I sure am! Slightly nervous though' I was actually extremely nervous, but I didnt want her to know that. 'aw Skye, dont be nervous! You're going to do great!' Sally kindly responeded. 'haha thanks Sal! We should get to class now. ' As I said that, Matt, the star of the basketball team and the hottest guy in school, walked by. Sally grabbed my hand 'Matt totally checked you out! You should go for him!' I turned red, as I had a crush on him and just laughed. We went our separate ways, her going to Math and I went to English. I sat through the entire block in a dreamlike state. I couldnt stop thinking about Matt. After class I went to the locker room and got changed into my uniform which consisted of an extremely short skirt, with booty shorts on underneath, and then a tank top which was practically a sports bra. I had to admit, I looked pretty good. The other girls came and got changed then we walked into the gym, where everyone was gathered. The guys, including Matt, were all gathered at the front. I walked out and winked at him as he was staring at me. He just laughed, smiled and continued staring at me throughout our entire performance.

To be Continued...

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