My Decision

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My views on popular kids are just the stereotype and the kind I have experienced. Not all popular people are like this.....   A HUGE THANK YOU to @Huckleberry13 for editting my story!!!


"Skyler," my mom whispered, "Come have a seat, dear."

I walked over to the couch where my mom was patting the seat next to her and sat down. She spoke again,

"Skyler, I know that this will be hard for you but I… we really need this job."

Her voice broke and I knew that this was just as hard on her as it was on me, if not harder.  As soon as I heard the quiver in her voice, I decided to pretend that I was excited about moving.

“No, mom," I said, “This won’t be hard on me. I mean, I hardly have any friends here so I'll be able to start fresh!" even as I said that I was thinking the exact opposite.

“Now if you'll excuse me mom, but I need to go do some homework." Mom’s expression changed to one of relief,

"Alright dear, we can talk more later if you need."

I went to my room, locked the door and blasted my CD player. Hakuna Matata was playing carelessly, and I immediately put in my death metal music.

Then I went and sat on my bed and sobbed into a pillow for ten minutes.

After that I just broke down in tears. After the tears had subsided a little, I suddenly felt very angry.

I chucked my Bible across the room and screamed at God over my music

" Why did you let this happen, God? I just, just get over my parents divorce and now  you decide we're moving!?!? Why aren’t you helping me, God????? SH*T I HATE YOU!! Never mind, actually- I don’t hate you because you don’t even exist. I hate the- the idea of you! Someone’s watching over us? OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


I made my decision:

God did not exist.

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