A night of Reprieval

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My mom had left for dinner with Ben and she didn't get back till midnight. When she did she went straight to her room and fell asleep. Obviously she was as drunk as a skunk. Unfortunately for me, Ben wasn't.

He came into my room and jumped on top of me. " Hey baby I just had a wonderful evening with your mother and now I'm going to have an excellent night with you." I could smell alcohol on his breath.

He ripped of my shirt and my bra. I attempted to punch him or kick him but he was really fat so I couldn't even move. Then he undid his own pants and pulled off my pajama bottoms. Luckily for me he was distracted with that job so I managed to get my arm free and punched him in the nose. It started to gush blood.

Luckily I had my phone in my  hoody pocket and used it to phone Sally, " Hey Sal can I come over?"

" Ya sure. We can have a girls night!" Sally responded.

" Oh sure sounds fun! I'll be there in about twenty minutes."

"Cool see you then, Skyler." I used my phone as a mirror and tried as best as I could to clean up my face. There was a big red mark on my face but I figured that would just disappear during my walk over to Sal's. My lip was cut open but there wasnt much I could do about that. I used the inside of my hoody to mop it the blood as best as I could. I planned on telling Sally that I fell down on my way over. For good measure I rubbed dirt on my hands and knees. I didn't trust Sally enough to tell her the truth. At least not before I told Jorden and Taylor.

Once I got there I told Sally my story about tripping and she totally believed me. She brought me into her kitchen where we both had some pizza. After I finished I asked Sally if I could have a shower. I went up to their guest bathroom ( yes they had a guest bathroom! They are rich) and turned on the shower. Before I got in though I leaned over the toilet and puked. After I showered I felt a lot better and told Sally good night and went to bed in the guest bedroom. For that night I had a brief reprieval from my mom and her craziness.


Hey so please comment and vote! What do you like? If you like anything. What do you hate? sorry this one was a bit darker but I felt it needed it.

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