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He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing

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He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing.

He drank alcohol, I drank water.

He smirked, I smiled.

He didn't love me, I didn't love him.

He and I together wouldn't last a day.

Bad boys were all the same, they were smart-ass hot boys that could make girls vulnerable. They ditched school and if they ever decided to come they were drunk. They picked fights with the school's all-American football jocks. They toyed with girls hearts just to fulfill their needs and then proceeded in tossing them away. They were notorious and I wouldn't dare fall for one.

And then the game started...

He said he found me intriguing, unique, and interesting because I didn't swoon over him.

"You and me Grey, let's play a game. We'll date and in three months time I promise you will fall for me. When you fall in love with me between that time span, I win. If in any way you were to win I'll give up all the alcohol, cigarettes, and player ways."

It was a game I wasn't willing to lose, but all games had accidents and consequences.

It takes a broken heart to know how to break a heart.

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