Chapter 69

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Zandra looks out the window as the squad car passes through downtown Stevens Point on the way to the police station. She wonders if this is the last time she'll see Sneak Peek, and not only because of the handcuffs biting down onto her wrists.

They lit it on fire. The bastards lit it on fire.

The large eye on the window that used to gaze out onto the street is shattered. Its pupil breathes thick smoke onto the sidewalk. The fire department is taking its sweet time to show up. Gone are the trinkets and props. Gone are the business records. Gone are the books. Gone are her personal effects. The tall flames inside eats them all up.

Not the photos of David and I. Please don't take those, too. That's all I have left of him.

But she won't get the chance to find out. The squad car pulls into the police station, and she's manhandled into the booking station inside. She doesn't pay much attention to the fingerprinting and paperwork as the officers go through the motions, but someone catches her eye as she's dragged to her cell. He's dressed in a police officer's uniform and watching her from inside one of the cells.

Zandra recognizes him immediately and nearly faints. There's no doubt about the identity of the person. She blinks to make sure she's not seeing things. She's not. He's aged 25 years since the last time she saw him.

That's David.

The End


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